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    Do You Really Want World War III—A Nuclear War At That? Some Idiots Do!

    Published: Thursday, March 10, 2022

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    With the Covid fraud trying to make a fast escape in time for Democrats to try and salvage what looks to be a bloodbath of congressional elections for them in November, the drumbeats of war have arrived just in time to pick up the baton of government duplicity.

    I remember back in the 90s when an evangelist friend of mine spoke to my congregation at the time and made this statement that has always stayed with me: “People love being lied to.” Boy, did he ever nail it with that one.

    Can anyone remember when bumper stickers were ubiquitous that said, “I don’t believe the media”? Can you remember when someone would make the statement, “If a politician’s lips are moving, he is lying,” and everyone in the room would applaud?

    What happened to those days? Have people lost their minds? I think a bunch of them have.

    Virtually everyone in the MSM and government—from both parties—has become cheerleaders for war with Russia over Ukraine.

    Do you really want World War III—a nuclear war at that? Some idiots do!

    Let me ask you, what exactly has Ukraine done for you lately? What has Ukraine done for the United States? Tell me 3 things. Tell me 2 things. Tell me ONE thing Ukraine has done for the United States.

    The Ukrainian government is a cesspool of corruption—most of it Western corruption, meaning American, British and Israeli. Corrupt government officials in the West are panicking because they have billions of dollars being laundered through the banks of Ukraine. The calls for war from these government officials have nothing to do with U.S. security and safety—or even freedom in Ukraine—and everything to do with a bunch of government gangsters trying to hold on to their stolen loot.

    Patrick McShay has an excellent analysis on Ukraine:

    These politicians and pundits saying that support for Ukraine is support for freedom and democracy are clueless or are benefitting in some way, it’s ludicrous! These are the same people that convinced over half of the American population to get an experimental and dangerous vaccine that we now know is DNA changing gene therapy, and put masks on their children in school. The truth is, if Ukraine is liberated from these criminals currently in charge, we might learn just how dirty some of these US politicians really are. [Emphasis added]

    Victoria Nuland’s husband is Jewish Neo-Con Robert Kagan, who co-founded the “Project For A New American Century” and wrote the white paper titled, “A Clean Break” for Bibi Netanyahu in 1996. It called for Israeli full spectrum dominance of the Middle East and became a hallmark of George W. Bush’s foreign policy and a blueprint for his disastrous nation building in the region.

    The so-called invasion of the Donbass region and Crimea as presented by the US media is another big lie. After the Maidan protests in Kiev, the Ukrainian Army began shelling the Russian speaking Donbass Region which has continued intermittently since, a violation of the Minsk agreement signed in 2015. That agreement should have ended the fighting in east Ukraine and given autonomy to the Russian speaking area of the Donbass region, but since the agreement was signed, the Ukrainian Government has refused to abide by the agreement.

    In another agreement made in 1992, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the US gave Russia assurances that no NATO bases would be built on their borders. The last US Ambassador to the Soviet Union, Jack Matlock, who has repeatedly maintained, including in Congressional testimony on the subject, that Gorbachev had received assurances that if Germany was united and stayed in NATO, the borders of NATO would not move further east. That did not last long.

    In 1990 George H. W. Bush’s Secretary of State James Baker promised Russian President Gorbachev that after the reunification of Germany that “NATO would not expand one inch eastward”, and German diplomat Jurgen Chrobog said at the same meeting that “NATO would not expand beyond the Elbe River and therefore not offer membership to Poland or others”.

    In 2007, at the Munich Security Conference, Putin accused NATO of duplicity and threatening Russia, and said “NATO expansion represents a serious provocation and reduces the level of mutual trust.” Joe Biden and his puppet Zelensky have repeatedly violated the Minsk agreement resulting in 14,000 deaths and over 1.2 million refugees that have been forced to abandon their homes and flee to Russia. Where is the American media on this key issue of importance to this narrative?

    In 2008, when George W. Bush announced that Ukraine and Georgia were eligible for NATO membership, former Congressman Ron Paul said he knew it was a “Terrible idea”, “providing US Military guarantees to Ukraine and Georgia can only further strain our military. This NATO expansion may well involve the US Military in conflicts unrelated to our national interests.” Dr. Paul was right as usual, the reason they would never allow him to be President.

    According to Webb, Zelensky owns a $35 million mansion near Miami. Webb also says he has evidence that another Ukrainian Jewish billionaire, Victor Pinchuk has been depositing $12 million a month into Zelensky’s account that has over a billion dollars in it. In case you don’t remember, Kolomoyskyi is a major shareholder in Burisma Oil Company, owned by another shady character and another Jewish oligarch named Mykola Zlochevsky, the company that paid Hunter Biden, his business partner Devon Archer, and former CIA asset Cofer Black tens of thousands of dollars a month each to sit on the board of Burisma. Devon Archer was just sentenced to prison last week for defrauding the Oglala Sioux Indian tribe in another criminal scam.

    Ukraine is a hub for criminal activity and many of our politicians including The Biden Crime Family are making a fortune in dirty money there. This war is costing these pirates billions. Webb has also reported that Kolomoyskyi operates 11 bio-labs in Ukraine and Kazakhstan funded by the US Pentagon.

    For the lamebrains in the media that can’t understand why Putin and the Russians have made this move, imagine if Russia spent billions of dollars to destabilize Mexico, armed several dissident groups, planned a revolution, forced their president to flee in a bloody coup, installed a puppet president who won’t complain when they loot the treasury, and then start putting Russian military bases across the border from Texas and Arizona. That is what criminal US Politicians on both sides of the aisle have done in Ukraine thanks to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Adam Schiff, John Kerry, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Richard Burr, Nancy Pelosi and many others.

    Yet, the mendacious media in New York City and the government grafters in Washington, D.C., have whipped the American public into a war frenzy where people with death wishes on both sides of the political aisle are marching in the streets calling for World War III.

    Make no mistake about it: War between East and West would involve nuclear weapons. That is an absolute certainty.

    And as you might expect, evangelicals are among the most enthusiastic cheerleaders for war with Russia (with the justification for it all being LIES). That’s because 80% of evangelicals have been totally duped by Scofield Futurism and believe that Putin and Russia are the “Gog and Magog” of Ezekiel and Revelation. (They are not!) As such, they believe that if America goes to war with Russia, “the antichrist” will soon come along and lead a Russian attack against Israel (WWIII) that will bring Jesus back. Predictably, many of them are calling Putin “the antichrist.” (He is not!) Conveniently, they believe that they won’t have to endure the calamitous consequences of a nuclear war, because they will be “raptured” to Heaven first. (They will not!)

    The creation of NATO and Zionist Israel has made practically every conflict in the world America’s business, when the fact is, the vast, vast majority of these foreign conflicts are NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. The only thing American involvement in any of these conflicts does is to make them WORSE.

    In George Washington’s Farewell Address (America’s greatest presidential address), he warned of the dangers of foreign entanglements:

    Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens,) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake; since history and experience prove, that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of Republican Government. 

    The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is, in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connexion [spelling in the original] as possible.

    Europe has a set of primary interests, which to us have none, or a very remote relation. Hence she must be engaged in frequent controversies, the causes of which are essentially foreign to our concerns. Hence, therefore, it must be unwise in us to implicate ourselves, by artificial ties, in the ordinary vicissitudes of her politics, or the ordinary combinations and collisions of her friendships or enmities.

    Why quit our own to stand upon foreign ground? Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor, or caprice?

    'Tis our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.

    Would to God that America’s political leaders and people would have faithfully followed Washington's counsel. Virtually every political, social, military and economic problem that America has faced and now faces is the result of ignoring Washington’s sagacious instructions.

    We all need to pray that America’s stupid, sinister and self-righteous meddling in the Ukrainian conflict doesn’t bring nuclear warheads down on our heads.

    P.S. We have just created a brand new unique DVD of my latest prophecy message entitled Antichrist, Antichrists, The Man Of Sin And The Falling Away.

    The timing of this message could not have been better. I deal briefly with the Russia/Ukraine conflict in the message. And I deal at length with “the antichrist” issue. Who or what is he and who or what is he not?

    Oh! How I wish every evangelical could hear and heed the truths of this message. If evangelicals really understood the truths of this message, the drumbeats of war and international meddling—at least from evangelicals—would stop overnight.

    Find the brand new DVD Antichrist, Antichrists, The Man Of Sin And The Falling Away here.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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