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    Are Conservatives Schizophrenic?

    Published: Thursday, February 24, 2022

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    Getting conservatives to say the right things is not difficult; but getting conservatives to do the right things is like trying to round up a room full of cats. 

    I’ve been an active political observer, participant and analyst for over forty years, and all of that experience has taught me one thing: Conservatives never change. As long as Republican politicians talk a good talk, their walk means absolutely nothing.

    That’s why—despite all of the rhetoric from both sides of the political aisle—we typically lose more freedoms under Republican administrations than Democrat administrations. We lost more liberties under G.W. Bush than we did under Bill Clinton; and we lost more liberties under Donald Trump than we did under Barack Obama.

    This happens not because Republican presidents are necessarily any worse than Democrat presidents. It’s because when Democrat presidents attack our liberties, conservatives rise up en masse to resist those tyrannical proposals. But when Republican presidents attack our liberties, conservatives lie down and say nothing—and often even SUPPORT the tyrannical proposals.

    This is such a pervasive and pixilated phenomenon, that after watching the same things happen year after year, decade after decade, one must wonder if conservatives are schizophrenic.

    I was reminded of this perplexity when I read a column by Alicia Green.

    The mass formation psychosis and maybe white savior mentality has caused many to follow Trump and many leaders like him (i.e., Biden, Fauci/Gates). They stir up emotions, promise to “save” you from “fill-in-the-blank” but end up doing the exact opposite of what they promised. It’s an abusive relationship with the government and they are counting on you to play the victim role.

    We now know what Fauci did during the AIDS crisis when he tried to “save” us from that virus. He experimented to death orphaned Black and Hispanic children. Similarly, Gates has tried to “save” Africans from “fill-in-the-blank”, but ended up killing more children than the diseases.

    Now Biden and Fauci/Gates want “to save Republicans’ lives.” They recently praised Trump for his “Operation Warp Speed”, for his promotion of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines, and for being vaccinated and boosted.

    Trump is very proud of having orchestrated the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccinations in “warp speed” and it has been found to be unprecedented in its “firsts” as stated in the May 2021 issue of International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research (IJVTPR), Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19:

    Many aspects of Covid-19 and subsequent vaccine development are unprecedented for a vaccine deployed for use in the general population. Some of these include the following.

    1. First to use PEG (polyethylene glycol) in an injection (see text)
    2. First to use mRNA vaccine technology against an infectious agent
    3. First time Moderna has brought any product to market
    4. First to have public health officials telling those receiving the vaccination to expect an adverse reaction
    5. First to be implemented publicly with nothing more than preliminary efficacy data (see text)
    6. First vaccine to make no clear claims about reducing infections, transmissibility, or deaths
    7. First coronavirus vaccine ever attempted in humans
    8. First injection of genetically modified polynucleotides in the general population

    Trump had said in the past that he was opposed to promoting the vaccines for fear that he would lose his base supporters. He must have changed his mind with his recent comments stating he is proud of the COVID-19 vaccines, claiming that there are no serious side effects or deaths from the vaccines.

    Trump’s Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, stated Trump waited to come out as pro-vaccine until after Biden praised him for his work in getting the vaccines to the public. Jerome also believes vaccine mandates are effective for adults and children.

    Even Pastor Jeffress, Trump’s famous evangelical supporter, advocates for the vaccines and sees no reason for vaccine exemptions. Pastor Jefferies’ [sic] church has even promoted the vaccines by having vaccine clinics to make the vaccines more accessible to the people in his community.

    When Trump stated he received his booster, he seemed to belittle those who booed in opposition as “just a tiny group”, even though most of his supporters are considered anti-vaxxers. (Note: Not all anti-vaxxers are Trump supporters, and possibly most are not.)

    Why do people make excuses for him and continue to support him? Has he brainwashed his followers to follow him at all costs, even if he stands against something they feel so strongly against? Remember, he did state during an election rally that “he loves the poorly educated”. Does he think his followers are poorly educated?

    Alex Jones, another avid Trump supporter, appears to be taking both sides, and calling for Trump supporters to “move on” from Trump, while at the same time, excusing Trump for his pro-vaccine stance.

    Alex Jones seems to shift the blame for Trump’s pro-vaccine stance to his supporters for believing in Trump and to Trump’s “bad advisors”.

    [That is what ALL of Trump’s supporters do. Nothing Trump does is his fault. The blame is always placed on Trump’s “bad advisors.” But for everyone else, of course, the man who listens to bad advice is no better than the man who gives bad advice. But that standard of truth never applies to Trump.] 

    Now that we know Trump is pro-vaccine because he believes the “vaccines save lives, have no known side-effects and don’t cause death”, why would he not be pro-vaccine-mandate? Haven’t we heard this before: The vaccines are safe and effective; we won’t mandate them. Now, there are mandates.

    One Trump Grill in Trump Tower enforces the vaccine mandate, so does he approve of the vaccine mandates? Will Trump’s next surprise statement be that he is pro-vaccine-mandate, and will that announcement come before or after he is elected President in 2024? Are you willing to wait and find out?

    Is there now no difference between Biden and Trump, or Democrats and Republicans, when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines? It seems there is not any difference, they all promote that COVID-19 “vaccines” are “safe and effective”.

    I guess Trump was right about one thing, we are all poorly educated. We are having a national security crisis because we are allowing the government to take away our freedoms. 

    I strongly encourage readers to watch this short video presentation by Dr. Ann Bukacek, who spoke from the podium at Liberty Fellowship last Sunday to comment on the recent physicians’ “Defeat the Mandates” rally.

    Here’s the bottom line: The entire Covid plandemic, complete with its deadly hospital protocols, loss of respect for the medical profession due to its abandonment of medical ethics and professionalism, loss of millions of jobs and thousands of businesses, skyrocketing inflation, millions of deaths, mandates of every size and shape, the ruination of the greatest economy the world has ever known, psychological terrorism in America’s schools and the capitulation of pastors that turned houses of God into altars of idols, was unleashed on the world by Donald J. Trump.

    Trump unleashed the Covid holocaust on the world with his Operation Warp Speed and Declaration of Emergency that in effect turned the presidency over to Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. And yet Trump supporters—most of whom are anti-Covid vax—are clamoring for Trump to be elected president again in 2024.

    They also seem to have forgotten that it was Donald J. Trump who unleashed a torrent of “Red Flag” gun confiscation laws by giving tyrannical legislators across the country the incentive to forge ahead with their dictatorial policies by announcing to the world White House approbation for these Hitlerian measures.

    One cannot even find redemption for Trump when one looks at his Supreme Court appointments.

    Of course, evangelicals will vote for him no matter what he does—no matter how evil—because of one thing: Trump moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the city of Aelia Capitolina aka Jerusalem. It doesn’t matter that this move did much more harm than good.

    Again, are conservatives schizophrenic?

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