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    Is The Covid Pandemic Actually A Top-Secret Government EXERCISE?

    Published: Thursday, September 30, 2021

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    As I said in last week’s column, the Covid “crisis” (narrative) was a hoax from the very beginning. Forget the Wuhan lab; forget the phony PCR tests; forget the phony Covid death count; forget the phony Covid narrative entirely. The SARS-COV-2 virus does not exist.

    We have the evidence that pure, isolated samples of the Covid-19 coronavirus do not exist: a Japanese source has provided us with responses to Freedom of Information requests showing that 10 countries, plus Pfizer itself, do not hold an isolate of SARS-COV-2.

    ‚ÄčThus, the virus does not exist in reality; it exists only in a computer program. For an example, let’s look at the paper entitled “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 from Patient with Coronavirus Disease, United States” by Harcourt et al. on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. Under the heading “Whole Genome Sequencing,” the authors say “We designed 37 pairs of nested PCRs spanning the genome on the basis of the coronavirus reference sequence (GenBank accession no. NC045512).”

    Critiquing this CDC paper, Dr. Tom Cowan says:

    To me, this computer-generation step constitutes scientific fraud.  Here is an equivalency: A group of researchers claim to have found a unicorn because they found a piece of a hoof, a hair from a tail, and a snippet of a horn. They then add that information into a computer and program it to re-create the unicorn, and they then claim this computer re-creation is the real unicorn. (emphasis added)

    But the Covid narrative is not only scientific fraud; it is also government fraud on the world’s largest scale. covers the story. (Please read the entire report very carefully.)

    A 2019 federal law raises concerns that the U.S. government may be engaging in large-scale COVID-19 ‘drills’ without alerting the public.

    Previous articles mentioned that leading up to the reported COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. federal government made multiple actions on laws governing pandemics, including U.S. laws governing pandemic preparedness “drills and exercises.”

    This article will focus on the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness and Advancing Innovation Act of 2019, which was passed by Congress and signed into law on June 24, 2019 [by President Donald Trump], only a few months before COVID-19. That law describes requirements for the National Health Security Strategy 2019-2022.

    Within the 2019 U.S. Pandemic Act and other laws and documents, one may find language that can be interpreted as potential tip-offs that the U.S. government may have intended to coordinate with international governments and other entities to “convene” a falsified pandemic or somewhat covert pandemic “drill” or “operational exercise.”

    The information may be seen as additional support for the claim that the COVID-19 pandemic may be partially or completely falsified.

    Pandemic Act enhances gov’t legal authority to prepare for pandemics

    A previous article briefly discussed the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness and Advancing Innovation Act of 2019 (henceforth referred to as the “Pandemic Act of 2019”). There may be much more to the Pandemic Act of 2019, and the legal authority it provides, that needs to be discussed. A U.S. federal government summary explains that the Pandemic Act of 2019

    amends the Public Health Service Act to build on work the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has undertaken to advance national health security. Amendments include enhancing the authorities of the Secretary [of the Department of Health and Human Services], Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response [ASPR], and the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies. (emphasis added)

    Thus, the Pandemic Act of 2019 amends the Public Health Service Act and enhances the authorities of several persons and entities “to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies.” Separately, the U.S. government explains that the Public Health Service Act

    forms the foundation of HHS’ [U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’] legal authority for responding to public health emergencies; it authorizes the HHS Secretary to lead all Federal public health and medical response to public health emergencies.

    It is important, then, to keep in mind that there is legal authority “to prepare for…public health emergencies;” that legal authority is mentioned in U.S. laws which will be discussed in this article. Among those with legal authority “to prepare for…public health emergencies” is the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR).

    It is also important to keep in mind some distinctions; there are U.S. federal laws which govern the legal authority of the HHS, CDC, ASPR, NIH, etc., to prepare for and respond to pandemics. Then there are U.S. federal laws which require a U.S. National Health Security Strategy and describe the necessary requirements (“provisions”) to be put in that National Health Security Strategy document.

    And it will be elaborated on in a moment that the National Security Strategy 2019-2022 and the Implementation Plan include provisions which could be interpreted as suggesting that “convening” a response to a planned pandemic exercise (potentially a falsified pandemic) is part of the health security preparedness strategy.

    Pandemic ‘preparedness’ may be evaluated through gov’t ‘drills…without notice’

    One part of U.S. law mentioning the provisions to be put in the National Health Security Strategy is the following:

    The National Health Security Strategy shall include provisions in furtherance of…integrating public health and public and private medical capabilities with other first responder systems, including through…the periodic evaluation of Federal, State, local, and tribal preparedness and response capabilities through drills and exercises, including drills and exercises to ensure medical surge capacity for events without notice (emphasis added; paragraph lettering and numbering omitted for ease of reading)

    It is interesting to note the use of the words “without notice.” The wording can be interpreted to mean covert and secret pandemic “drills and exercises,” since “without notice” literally means “no notice” of the drill or exercise.

    The law does not specify whether without notice refers to before the drill or exercise or both before and after the drill or exercise. As it is written, the law seems to refer to no notice before or after the drill or operational exercise is completed; a drill or exercise which occurs without informing those involved would be a covert or secret drill or exercise.

    Another part of U.S. law which should be kept in mind is the law which gives legal authority to the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) within the Department of Health and Human Services to

    Carry out drills and operational exercises, in consultation with the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and other applicable Federal departments and agencies, as necessary and appropriate, to identify, inform, and address gaps in and policies related to all-hazards medical and public health preparedness and response, including exercises based on…identified threats for which countermeasures are available and for which no countermeasures are available; and…unknown threats for which no countermeasures are available. (42 U.S. Code § 300hh–10; emphasis added)

    As it is written above, it appears that when the U.S. laws governing pandemic preparedness mention “preparedness” or something similar, the laws seemingly imply that “drills or operational exercises” may be convened to evaluate such preparedness.

    To evaluate federal or national preparedness, a national “drill or operational exercise” may be implied. And, as mentioned above, at least some of those drills or exercises may be carried out “without notice.”

    Please don’t miss the fact that Donald Trump was the president who signed this law authorizing top-secret pandemic drills and exercises, again, just months before the Covid exercise began. And there can be absolutely no doubt that many top executives in the White House, Congress, the CDC and many foreign governments knew it was an exercise.

    For example, on March 20, 2020, in a White House press conference, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo acknowledged, “We’re in a live exercise here.”

    Trump toadies need to snap out of their wet dream (Encarta Dictionary definition: 2. an overly optimistic and highly unrealistic idea or image) about Trump and wake up to the fact that Donald Trump was THE MAN who unleashed this medical fraud and antichrist government tyranny upon the world. Observe:

    1. Donald Trump signed the top-secret pandemic drills and exercises bill into law just months before the Covid narrative began.

    2. Donald Trump signed the Emergency Order authorizing all of the Covid lockdowns, closures, mandates, travel bans, experimental vaccine distribution, vaccination requirements, etc.

    To ignore the dominant role Trump played in imposing this antichrist Covid narrative on the world is the height of ignorance, stupidity or denial—maybe all three.

    After eighteen months of this pandemic exercise, we now know that the end game was the implementation of an antichrist mark of the beast, aka “vaccine passports.” 

    The part that the global elite (including Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci) didn’t count on was the number of recalcitrants who are adamantly refusing to go along with their global tyranny (no thanks to our evangelical “Christian leaders”). Millions of people throughout Europe—especially in Italy, France, Germany and Great Britain—are marching in the streets in defiance of the Covid mandates.

    I’ve been wondering when this defiance would come to the streets of America. Well, it has arrived, and it’s about time:

    Large crowds of demonstrators gathered around sites in New York City, as well as upstate, demanding the government repeal mandatory vaccination orders for certain categories of workers and the ‘passport’ system implemented in NYC.

    Protesters were seen marching in Manhattan, Staten Island, and elsewhere in the city on Monday afternoon and into the evening, with one reporter on the scene estimating a crowd of at least 1,000 in the former borough.

    Marchers were heard chanting “My body, my choice!” in footage making the rounds online – echoing a slogan of pro-abortion activists – as well as “No means no!”  Others were seen hoisting a banner opposing “medical mandates” and “digital passports” while demanding “health freedom now!”

    Other demonstrations erupted upstate as well, such as in Rochester, where one group gathered to protest a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers outside the Strong Memorial Hospital. 

    In addition, a sizable percentage of our U.S. military personnel are refusing to receive the Covid shots. Estimates range from between a third to forty percent of them.

    The Covid narrative might be a government top-secret pandemic drill, but the fight for the protection of our liberties against this antichrist exercise is NOT A DRILL. It is the real deal.

    P.S. I, again, encourage readers to watch my latest message DVD entitled How Are Forced Covid Vaccinations Different From The Mark Of The Beast? They Aren’t!

    Evangelicals who have surrendered to this medical mark of the beast are not only endangering their physical lives, but they are also endangering their spiritual lives—not to mention the survival of our country as a free, independent republic. 

    I also encourage readers to watch this 5-message DVD entitled The Rise Of The Beast: Coronavirus And Antichrist.

    These five messages show how the egregious errors of Scofield futurism—including the mythical “Rapture” doctrine—have deceived evangelicals and ushered them into an antichrist Covid Empire. It is no coincidence that evangelical “leaders” such as Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress, who are enthusiastically promoting this jeopardous jab, are also ardent disciples of Scofield’s heresies. 

    © Chuck Baldwin

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