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    China Is Not Our Problem

    Published: Thursday, July 8, 2021

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    The nefarious forces that run this country have one overriding stratagem that allows them to incrementally subjugate the people and overthrow our liberties: Keep the people in a perpetual state of fear.

    Whether it’s natural diseases, such as the Swine flu, Bird flu, West Nile virus, Zika virus, Ebola virus, coronavirus, ad infinitum, or “dangers” of a human source, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, North Korea, Russia, China or “domestic extremism,” ad nauseam, fearmongers for the federal government and their collaborating propagandists in the news media and medical establishments constantly feed the American people a steady diet of fear and paranoia.

    Fomentation of fear is the most effective way to increase the power of the central state and usurp the Natural rights and liberties of the citizenry. And modern Machiavellians are true masters of this Dark Art.

    Now that the fearmongering over the coronavirus has somewhat subsided (temporarily), the tyrannical Darth Vaders of the Empire must create new monsters. The new monster that the fanatical fearmongers are hiding under our beds is China. And, incredibly, conservatives are just as gullible and quick to fall for this contemptuous charade as are liberals. 

    The Wuhan bioweapon is just as bogus as the coronavirus itself. But that phony narrative is being used to create the great China monster that the Empire’s elite are hoping will instill the same fear in us that the phony Covid narrative instilled.

    Yes, there is a bioweapon, but it is not the coronavirus supposedly concocted in a laboratory in Wuhan, China. It is the Covid vaccines that were concocted in the laboratories of Big Pharma in the West.

    THERE is your bioweapon.

    Nevertheless, our current task masters and money changers have determined that China is America’s next boogeyman.

    But I’m going to tell you straight out: China is not our problem. Russia is not our problem. North Korea is not our problem. Islam is not our problem. “Domestic extremists” are not our problem. ANTIFA is not our problem.

    Ladies and gentlemen, GOD is our problem.

    The destructive forces that have the potential to bring ruination to America are under the sovereign control of an omnipotent Creator. No matter what you hear from Washington politicians or the New York news media, God—and God alone—is at once our Protector and our Punisher.

    There is no power on earth—foreign or domestic—that can destroy us as long as our Great Friend protects us. And there is no power on earth that can protect us if our Great Judge decides to destroy us.

    Last Sunday on Independence Day, I used Jeremiah 34 as my text. I urge everyone reading this column to carefully read that enlightening and instructive chapter.

    When you read Jeremiah 34, you will immediately learn that the great adversary of the nation of Judah was not the armies of Babylon; the great adversary of the nation of Judah was Almighty God. The armies of Babylon were but instruments of God’s judgment upon the backslidden people of Judah and Jerusalem.

    God’s anger was kindled against Jerusalem because 1) It had broken its covenant with God, and 2) It had denied its own people the Liberty given to them in God’s very first Law of Justice in Exodus 21. Read Jeremiah 34. Read it in the King James Version (other versions are only perversions of the Scriptures).

    In the Mayflower Compact, America’s Pilgrim Fathers made a covenant with God. That covenant was acknowledged by our Patriot Fathers in our Declaration of Independence.

    America’s defiance of its covenant with God and of its commitment to Liberty and constitutional government began in 1861 when the tyrant Abraham Lincoln invaded the South and at the force of arms subjugated the Southern States to the antichrist authority of Washington, D.C. And since that time, Washington, D.C., has been chipping away at our liberties to the point of where we are today.

    Furthermore, since the publication of the propagandist notes contained in the Scofield Reference Bible, pastors and Christians have subjected the American people to the tyrannical antichrist doctrines of Christian Zionism that, likewise, have been chipping away at our liberties to the point of where we are today.

    America’s fascination with all things government and with all things Israel has brought divine judgment upon our country.

    The threat of the Babylonian armies initially motivated the people of Judah to repent of their slavish behavior, upon which God turned the alien armies away from Jerusalem and ended the threat.

    But then Jerusalem repented of its repentance and returned to its slavish ways, upon which God Himself moved the hearts of the Babylonians to turn again their armies toward Jerusalem; and this time, there was no mercy.

    Judah’s problem was not Babylon; it was God. And America’s problem is not Covid or China or Iran or Islam or any other human or natural “threat.” Our problem is God.

    One would have thought that the Covid “threat” would have provided a renewed and resolute fidelity to God’s immutable principles of Liberty. Instead, the Church capitulated its Christian convictions to the antichrist beastly system of Covid Land.

    Likewise, one would think that over 70 years of idolatry of the Zionist State of Israel—complete with all of the devilish power and influence that it has hurled against this country—would have been enough to awaken the Church to its idolatry and return it to “the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” (Jude 1:3)

    But, no! It seems that the greater the threat is against us, the greater is America’s fascination with the slavish power of unconstitutional government and the greater is the Church’s fascination with the satanic power of faux Israel.

    This is why I keep shouting that America’s problems are not political; they are spiritual.

    As long as the Church continues to deify Donald Trump and the Republican Party, as long as it continues to gush over Zionist Israel, as long as it continues to believe that our solutions will come from the halls of Congress or from the Oval Office in the White House and as long as it continues to forsake the covenant it has with Almighty God, the deeper our country will fall into the mire of the machinations of evil men.

    At the end of the day, what difference does it make which wicked power overtakes us? Tyrants on the Right are as wicked as tyrants on the Left. Fascism is as wicked as communism. Talmudic Judaism is as wicked as Islam. Disingenuous theism is as wicked as genuine atheism. Crony capitalists are as wicked as collectivists. Gangsters in government are as wicked as gangsters in the streets. Criminal citizens are as wicked as criminal aliens. 

    People, wake up!

    God is our Benevolent Protector; and He is also our Angry Punisher. At the end of the day, our country will be protected—or judged—by HIM. And, if judged, the wicked forces He chooses to use to inflict that judgment are determined by HIM and HIM alone.

    Again, China is not our problem; GOD is our problem.

    © Chuck Baldwin 

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