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    The Tide Is Slowly Starting To Turn

    Published: Thursday, May 27, 2021

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    It took me over 30 years to see the light regarding the Biblical and historical truth of Israel. So, I should not be surprised or discouraged that it has taken so long for other Christians to awaken to this truth. But the good news is, the tide is slowly starting to turn.

    I honestly believe that people—Christian or otherwise—who possess a truth-seeker’s heart will be shown truth. Depending on the depth of deception buried in a person’s heart and mind, the illumination of truth will take longer for some than others—but the illumination WILL come.

    For people who are willfully ignorant, there is no hope. As The Revelator put it: “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still.” (Revelation 22:11)

    For people who are genuinely redeemed through faith in Christ, God’s will is that we “come to the knowledge of the truth.” (I Timothy 2:4) It is as much God’s will that we “come to the knowledge of the truth” as it is that we come to salvation.

    In fact, Christ taught that for those who are genuinely indwelled with the Holy Spirit, He will guide you into ALL truth. (Emphasis added—John 16:13)

    To be perfectly honest, the lack of interest in learning truth—and unlearning falsehood—exhibited by a majority of professing Christians is one of the most perplexing and frustrating things I have encountered in my many years as a pastor. Professing Christians can be some of the most hard-hearted, stubborn and recalcitrant people on the planet. This, of course, casts great suspicion on their Christian profession, as a humble, teachable spirit is at the core of a genuine Spirit-indwelled life.

    The hateful, bitter and vile responses from dozens of professing Christians to my column last week reminded me of just how zealous people can be in their embrace and defense of a lie.

    It has been my experience that when people react with anger and hatred to truth they do not understand, it is due to their extreme lack of confidence in their ability to explain why they reject the truth that offends them—and to their unwillingness to honestly face the error that they embrace.

    I thank God that I have been an honest truth-seeker all of my life. I am also thankful that when God reveals to my heart untruths that I had embraced, I am able to repent of those errors and embrace the truth that was formerly hidden from my eyes.

    Accordingly, I praise God for showing me the gross error of Scofield futurism, otherwise known as Christian Zionism. It has been the most enlightening, exhilarating and exciting experience of my Christian life.

    So very powerfully did Jesus say,The truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

    Being set free from the bondage of Christian Zionism is doubtless the most important liberation—spiritually and governmentally—that freedom-loving people could ever experience.

    Of course, many professing Christians do not possess a genuine love of Liberty. But that’s a subject for another day.

    Since I first began teaching the Biblical truth regarding Israel and exposing the gross deception of Christian Zionism, the spiritual illumination that God has given to tens of thousands of people is, in my mind, nothing short of miraculous.

    After the first couple of years of being forsaken by friends of a lifetime, being mercilessly harangued, harassed and hated, the hearts of hearers began opening to the truth; and the result has exceeded any possible expectation.

    This illumination of truth regarding Israel is much greater than Chuck Baldwin or Liberty Fellowship. I am convinced this is a global work of God to deliver freedomists from the chains of Christian Zionism. The hundred-year imprisonment of Western Civilization to the Machavellian manacles of Scofield futurism is coming to an end.


    A Georgia law created to discourage the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement has been ruled as “unconstitutional,” in a move that activists are celebrating as a “major victory.”

    The ruling stems from a lawsuit filed on behalf of journalist Abby Martin – formerly the host of Breaking the Set on RT. Martin refused to sign a contract pledging that she would refrain from boycotts against Israel ahead of a planned speaking engagement at Georgia Southern University in February 2020.

    When Martin refused to comply, her appearance was canceled and she later filed a lawsuit.

    Judge Mark Cohen wrote in his ruling that Georgia’s law “prohibits inherently expressive conduct protected by the First Amendment.” 

    On Twitter, Martin said she was “thrilled” at the court’s ruling and blasted Georgia’s law that “so clearly violates the free speech rights of myself and so many others.”

    Martin went on to say that the current conflict between Israel and Palestine shows it has “never been more urgent to advance the Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions movement against the Israeli regime.” 

    The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals also declared this year that Arkansas’ anti-BDS law was a violation of free speech protections.

    This is a tremendous court ruling, which bodes ill for other states that have passed these unconstitutional, tyrannical anti-BDS laws.

    Observe again:

    Irish parliament to vote on motion to expel Israeli ambassador.

    The motion states that “over 60 children have been murdered by the [IDF,]” and that “the current escalation of violence was instigated by the attempt to ethnically cleanse 28 Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah area of Jerusalem.”

    The motion also accuses Israel of war crimes, ethnic cleansing and illegal settlement expansion, and says “the Israeli ambassador’s presence in Ireland is untenable in these circumstances.”

    It’s about time that the governments of the world awaken to the apartheid, genocidal aggression being committed by the Israelis against the Palestinian people.

    Especially encouraging is this report:

    A new survey points to a growing divide in the US between young evangelical Christians and their elders, particularly in their views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, indicating Israel could see a significant drop in support in coming years.

    While the religious group has long been a bulwark of support for Israel in the US, the Barna Group-administered poll commissioned by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke indicates a sharp drop in support for the Jewish state and raises concerns that Israel could lose a key ally going forward, its authors told The Times of Israel on Monday.

    What an encouraging survey! It seems that younger Christians have lost the enchantment of their parents with the rapture cult and the super-rich televangelists, radio broadcasters and authors who promote this damnable, devilish doctrine.

    Beyond that, the West is slowly waking up to the courageous anti-Zionist stand being taken by thousands of Orthodox Jewish rabbis. Among these, none are more outspoken than Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss.

    Neturei Karta is a Jewish group whose controversial solution to the bloodshed in Gaza is to bring about the end of the Israeli state. spoke to Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, who explained why they think this is necessary.

    It’s not often you encounter a Rabbi with a Palestinian flag pinned to their jacket. But then Neturei Karta are anything but conventional.

    They are a religious group of Haredi Jews whose name in Aramaic means ‘Protectors of the City’. The city in question is Jerusalem and the group is founded on their refusal to accept or recognise the state of Israel.

    One of their main figures, Rabbi Weiss, explained their position to RT. He said, “Zionism is the transformation of Judaism, from religion, from subservience to God, into a material concept of nationalism. This is unacceptable to the ones who want to serve God. In order to create this nationalism, they are removing God from the equation.

    “We were warned by the prophets that we would be expelled from the land and that happened with the destruction of the temple [in Jerusalem] 2,000 years ago. We were not to return in mass – it’s a godly decreed exile – and we’re also not to rebel against any nation we reside in. We are to be loyal citizens and pray for the well-being of the land that is our hosts. We also should never make any attempt to end exile.”

    For those unfamiliar with the Torah – the central part of the Jewish bible – these sentiments may be fairly revolutionary. Neturei Karta believe they are following their holy book, and that leaving Palestine was an act of God. They also think their religion commands them to publicly protest against what they deem transgressions in the name of Judaism. They particularly want to make people understand there is a fundamental difference between an Israeli and a Jew.

    Rabbi Weiss continued, “[Zionists’] goal was to have their material state, and whatever stood in their way didn’t bother them. The Torah says thou shall not steal so every concept of Zionism is breaching the Torah. They knew our religion does not call for us to take up arms and take over the land. On the contrary, we are forbidden.”

    Though the good rabbi is blind to the Gospel, he is one of the most plucky opponents of the Zionist State of Israel in the entire world. I commend him for his cognizance and courage. On this particular subject, he puts the vast majority of evangelical preachers to shame. 

    Yes, my friends, the tide is slowly starting to turn.

    P.S. This is an important, personal appeal.

    Our daily newspaper is again conducting its “Best Of Flathead” poll.

    Both Liberty Fellowship and I need your help by casting your online votes for us.

    To me, this is not about seeking popular opinion; it is about sending a message to the religious and political establishments that our message of Biblical Natural Law and constitutional Liberty is supported by thousands of people across Montana and the country.

    Mainstream institutions constantly try to marginalize us. But in last year's poll, I finished 2nd and Liberty Fellowship finished 3rd. This was quite amazing, considering there are two large establishment, pro-Zionist, pro-lockdown, pro-Covid narrative 501c3 government churches with LARGE online followings that almost always finish 1st and 2nd. That we were able to knock one of them to 3rd last year sent a strong message to the establishment.

    For many months during the course of last year, we were the ONLY church in the entire area to remain open and resist the Covid lockdowns.

    The pressure against us was intense.

    Now we have an opportunity to show the big-government establishment that thousands of people across Montana and the country agree with and appreciate the stand we took for Liberty.

    Please use every email address available to you and your family to vote for us in this year's poll. If we could pull off an upset and finish number 1, it would shake the religious and political establishments to the core.

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    Dr. Bukacek was the only physician in the valley to oppose the Covid medical establishment and resist the mandates and lockdowns. She never closed her office to her patients.

    And the medical establishment did everything they could to ruin her.

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    And please share these links with everyone you can and ask them to vote for us too. I don’t have to tell you the importance of this vote and the message it will send to the religious and political establishments.


    Nominations must be in by June 6, 2021, at 11:59pm Mountain Time.


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