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    A Disgusting Display Of Dumb Dogs Behind The Sacred Desk

    Published: Thursday, May 13, 2021

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    Before plowing into the subject at hand, let me clearly state that as a veteran minister of the Gospel for over 45 years, I have come to know countless numbers of wonderful, sincere, good-hearted and courageous men of God who have faithfully stood behind the sacred desk and have declared the Holy Scriptures without fear or favor. Many of these great men have already gone to Heaven; some have retired. And, of course, some are still standing tall in the pulpit. 

    The problem is—and this is not hyperbole—over the past several decades, there has been a radical change in the overall makeup of America’s evangelical pulpit. Part of it is due to the compromise, political correctness and liberalism that largely influence evangelical colleges, universities and seminaries today. And part of it is due to the false doctrines of the Prosperity Gospel and Church Growth philosophies that inundate today’s evangelical thinking.

    Regardless of the reason, the cold, hard truth of the matter is that the bold, fearless, uncompromising pulpits that are not enamored with financial prosperity and political power so common in America 50 years ago are few and far between today. And that’s a FACT.

    Politically correct, “success-driven,” jellyfish pulpits are the rule and not the exception these days. The pathetic, sheepish reaction by the vast majority of pastors to the phony Covid narrative is Exhibit A in proving that assertion.

    The parallels between Old Testament Israel and modern America are too numerous to count. But no parallel better illustrates the fact above than the parallel between the weak, materialistic, power-appeasing prophets and priests of ancient Israel and today’s evangelical pulpits in America.

    Hear God’s Word to the weak, wayward, worthless watchmen of Israel:

    His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter. (Isaiah 56:10, 11 KJV)

    I submit that America has its own “dumb dogs” behind the sacred desk. Here are my nominations for that list:

    1. Kenneth Copeland

    What I say next is only my opinion. But my opinion is based on Holy Spirit discernment and a life-long study of the Holy Scriptures: I suspect Kenneth Copeland is demon possessed. If he is not demon possessed, he is certainly the phoniest phony on the planet. And the devil takes good care of his own, as Copeland is the world’s richest “preacher” who boasts he is worth over a billion dollars.

    I’ll let this report tell the story:

    Kenneth Copeland is a long-tolerated, self-proclaimed and self-deceived prophet, the proclaimer of a fictitious and satirical Christianity (equivalent in many ways to that of the corrupt politicians in Washington), the swindler, the scammer and harlot tolerated by people in the American Church.

    This guy, with his alliance of salesmen and his “Name it and Claim It” gospel (Galatians 1:8), is responsible for ushering much of the state of confusion and immoralities in which the up-and-coming generations are now having to deal with in the present (Ezekiel 13).

    Well, friends, Mr. Copeland is at it again.  He recently pronounced judgment upon Covid and then in his confusion, believe it or not, he calls forth a vaccination.

    Kenneth Copeland is adding to the judgment.  He is, in fact, being used to hasten it, teeing it up to the likes of Bill Gates and a government agenda which means to depopulate, not only America but the world.

    This only shows that these false prophets, working hand in glove with corruption in government (Regardless if they know it or not), are moved by the spirit of the world which comes to steal, kill and destroy, and that just like their father (John 10:10).

    2. Jerry Falwell Jr.

    The oldest son (and child) of one of my spiritual mentors (and dear friend), Jerry Falwell Sr., Jerry Jr. is living proof that sometimes the apple falls a hundred miles from the tree. (As far as I know, the youngest son, Jonathan—who is the pastor of his dad’s church, the Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia—is completely untainted with any of Jr.’s shenanigans. Praise God!)

    I’m sure most of my readers are aware of the deplorable moral behavior of both Jerry Jr. and his wife. People (including Christian people) love spreading the sordid details of any kind of moral turpitude. Of course, Jerry Jr. brought this on himself, so I’m certainly not making excuses for him. But the truth is, there is more hope for people who fall victim to sins of the flesh than for those who are guilty of the sins of the heart, such as pride, arrogance, conceit, etc. 

    However, the part that I find most disturbing about Jerry Jr.’s character and conduct is the way he sold his soul to Donald Trump in an attempt to cover up his tawdry affairs.

    Jerry Jr. was the first evangelical Christian leader to announce his support for Trump’s presidential candidacy in late 2015. At the time, his announcement shook the evangelical establishment, because everyone—and I mean everyone—in evangelicalism knew what kind of a sexual deviant and unscrupulous crook of a businessman Trump was. They also knew the den of vipers with whom Trump hung around. But soon after Falwell’s endorsement, evangelical leaders started jumping on Trump’s bandwagon en masse.

    After Trump was elected, we learned that the reason Falwell was so quick to endorse Trump was probably due to the presence of lewd photographs of Jr.’s wife, which Trump’s “Mr. Fix It,” attorney Michael Cohen, promised would vanish if Jr. would publicly endorse Trump.

    He did, and they did.

    Of course, Falwell denies there was any connection between the photos’ disappearance (he doesn’t deny the existence of the photos) and his endorsement of Trump. But, obviously, his word means very little at this point.

    Before leaving this section, let me add that I am praying for Jr.’s health. He very foolishly took the Covid jab and is now having complications with blood clots in his lungs. He says this is genetic, as his mother, Macel, had the same condition. If this is true, Jr. was even MORE foolish to take the shot, as blood clots are a common complication associated with the vaccine. I sincerely pray that his foolishness is not fatal. 

    3. Franklin Graham

    Franklin Graham is another Trump Toady. But not only did Graham grovel before the Blasphemer-in-Chief, he went so far as to become an evangelist for the antichrist Covid vaccine.

    From this report:

    Evangelical leader Franklin Graham believes Americans should get the COVID-19 vaccine. The missionary told CBS News that he thinks Jesus would want people to get their shots, and he's turning to Scripture and the parable of the Good Samaritan to make his case. 

    It's a case that will need to be made clearly if evangelicals — perhaps the most under-discussed group with high levels of vaccine hesitancy — can be persuaded. 

    "Jesus does tell the story of a man that was beaten and robbed and left for dead on the side of a road, and religious leaders walked past him and did not have compassion, they didn't get involved. But a Samaritan had compassion," Graham told CBS News in an interview. "And he immediately bandaged — he put oil and wine on his wounds and took him to an inn, and paid to have him cared for. Now the oil and wine were the medicines of that day ... The vaccine is, to me, I believe, is saving life, and that's what Jesus Christ would want us to do, to help save life. It's just a tool to help save life."

    No, it’s NOT, Mr. Graham. The Covid vaccine is NOT a tool to save lives; it is a tool to enslave lives. Franklin Graham is either one of the most ignorant and uninformed Christian leaders in the universe or, for personal profit, is a willing participant in the most evil hoax ever perpetrated on the human race.

    The report continues:

    In partnership with local health officials, [Graham’s] Samaritan's Purse runs a vaccine clinic in Boone, North Carolina, which has already vaccinated more than 5,000 people.

    Of course, you know that Graham receives untold thousands of federal taxpayer dollars for administering these vaccines.

    I again urge readers to watch my DVD containing 5 messages on the subject: The Rise Of The Beast: Coronavirus And Antichrist.

    Graham has a history of pandering to powerful politicians.

    I reported back in 2013 how Graham supported President Barack Obama’s draconian gun control agenda by endorsing Obama’s universal background checks proposal. There is no doubt he will support Joe Biden’s same proposal when it is introduced.

    Franklin Graham is a self-serving opportunist who panders to any president—Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative—for personal gain.

    4. John Hagee

    This heretic is as nauseating as they come. In reality, Hagee is more rabbi than pastor. And even many rabbis despise this faker. Hagee is nothing but a shill for Zionist Israel.

    That Hagee could even be accepted as a preacher of the Gospel is an indictment against the Biblical ignorance of modern Christianity. He parades as a preacher, but his gospel is nothing more than an abysmal attempt to resurrect the Old Covenant, which Christ’s work on the Cross abolished. (Ephesians 2:15) Paul’s epistle to the Galatians could have been written directly to and about John Hagee. 

    Hagee once told the Houston Chronicle:

    I believe that every Jewish person who lives in the light of the Torah, which is the Word of God, has a relationship with God and will come to redemption.

    The Chronicle further reported:

    John Hagee, fundamentalist pastor from San Antonio and friend of Israel. The man has a mission. He’s out to attack anti-Semitism. He also believes that Jews can come to God without going through Jesus Christ.

    The newspaper then quoted Hagee’s own heretical words:

    I’m not trying to convert the Jewish people to the Christian faith.

    Trying to convert Jews is a waste of time. The Jewish person who has his roots in Judaism is not going to convert to Christianity. There is no form of Christian evangelism that has failed so miserably as evangelizing the Jewish people. They [already] have a faith structure.

    The report continues:

    Everyone else needs to believe in Jesus. But not Jews. “Jews already have a covenant with God that has never been replaced by Christianity,” Hagee said.

    Hagee is more than a “dumb dog.” He is a false prophet.

    5. Robert Jeffress

    This little weasel stands in the pulpit where the great Baptist pastors W.A. Criswell and George W. Truett once stood. I was privileged to personally meet and spend quality time with Dr. Criswell. A finer Christian gentleman never lived. (No, I’m not old enough to have known Dr. Truett.) I was privileged again to listen to Dr. Criswell deliver my college commencement address at Liberty University.

    These two great men must be turning over in their graves at the little puppet that masquerades as a preacher at First Baptist Dallas, which is the undisputed flagship congregation of the Southern Baptist Convention.

    For four years, Jeffress excused, condoned, facilitated, enabled and ignored every type of dishonesty, theft, murder and blasphemy of Donald J. Trump. He fawned over that degenerate wretch, licked his boots and became FOX News’ go-to songbird to sing Trump’s praises. And in the process, Jeffress compromised virtually every Christian conviction in the Book and disgraced not only his pulpit but the pulpit of every Christian congregation in America.

    But just when you think the worst is behind him, Robert Jeffress outdoes himself.

    Here is the report:

    Bob suggested on cable news that the vaccine is just like the gospel; here’s the exact quote from his interview on Fox Business News; “… if we’re talking about something from babies that were already aborted, I would just remind people that the whole Christian message is that Christ, who was innocent, died for us and brought something good out of that unjust death, and I think that if lives can be saved even from the unjust killing of a baby, there’s something to be gained there”.

    Are you getting this? Jeffress is comparing the antichrist Covid vaccine derived partially from aborted (murdered) babies to the vicarious death of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

    In the above report, Ben Mullen goes on to say:

    Jesus was innocent, but His death was far from unjust. He bore the sin of many on His shoulders, as the prophet says, and the eyes of the Lord are too pure to look upon evil, as Habakkuk writes.

    The scapegoat must be banished to a solitary land, those cursed of the law must hang on a tree, and the soul that sins must die. Innocence hung on the cross, but justice fell on the black stain that lay on His shoulders.

    No, Bob, the vaccine ISN’T just like the Gospel, and how dare you suggest such an irreverent thing!

    In my mind, what Jeffress said is more than “irreverent.” It is blasphemous.

    6. Al Mohler

    Al Mohler is the president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s flagship seminary, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Mohler has long been a toady for all things STATE. He is one of the most ardent proponents of the false interpretation of Romans 13 that says Christians are obligated to obey civil authorities in all things. He is a champion of statism and slavery

    I urge readers to watch my 5-message DVD entitled The State, Slavery And The Sovereignty Of God.

    Here is the report:

    A prominent leader within the largest non-Catholic religious denomination in the United States is urging Christians everywhere to get vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) because this is supposedly what Jesus wants them to do in order to “love thy neighbor.”

    Albert Mohler, head of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., penned a lengthy article for his The Briefing newsletter that compares President Donald Trump’s warp speed COVID-19 vaccines to the moon landing, calling the jabs a “successful” example of mankind’s God-ordained “dominion” over the earth.

    Because tens of millions of Christians are presumably planning to forego the shot, Mohler is trying to manipulate them into complying using the Bible as a pro-pharma weapon. Mohler presents “seven points for consideration,” supposedly from the Bible, that demonstrate – according to him, anyway – how God wants all believers to get jabbed with the experimental injections.

    “Pressing against disease and viruses is part of our mandate,” Mohler writes, suggesting that people who believe in God have a biblical duty to get vaccinated whenever the government tells them they should. “Medical treatment is an extension of God’s common grace and Christians have always understood this.”

    Bizarrely, Mohler presents the example of famous American evangelist Jonathan Edwards as proof of the “legitimacy of inoculations.” Despite the fact that Edwards died from a toxic vaccine injection that gave him “a lethal case of smallpox,” which Mohler openly admits, Edwards’ willingness to get vaccinated at all shows that he appreciated “the science of medicine,” as should all Christians, according to Mohler.

    Edwards is an example to us all, Mohler goes on to suggest, because he “made the point that a biblical Christian worldview understands.” That point, according to Mohler, is that everything is “orderly and intelligible” thanks to pharmaceuticals and vaccines, which are apparently “based in the Christian doctrine of creation.”

    Someone needs to send Mr. Mohler a copy of my DVD message The Babylon Of Revelation 18, in which I show how pharmaceuticals are identified as being part of the “sorcery” of the antichrist system. 

    Mohler requires faculty and students at the Louisville seminary to sign a pledge to always obey civil government. The pledge says (first paragraph):

    As a member of this seminary and college family, I affirm and recognize that we are not just a school. Together, we serve the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Together, we are called to love one another, respect one another, protect one another, and serve one another in the spirit of Christ. We enter into this covenant together, and in the season of the coronavirus, with lives and health at risk, we affirm together that we will follow and obey all rules, policies, advisories, and practices required by government authorities [emphasis added], mandated by our institutional responsibility and communicated by institutional leadership. We will serve Christ, serve one another, and serve our larger community beyond the campus by following the institutional policies designed to prevent transmission of disease.

    It’s too bad that the apostles in the early church didn’t receive Mohler’s memo to “obey all rules, policies, advisories, and practices required by government authorities.” They could have saved themselves MUCH persecution.

    See Acts 5:21 - 33. 

    As with other corrupters of Romans 13, such as John Piper, Mohler promotes the false doctrine of statism. You might be surprised to know that many of these so-called preachers actually (and secretly) ascribe to the devilish “divine right of kings” doctrine from which America’s Founding Fathers bravely broke free.

    I urge readers to watch my four-message DVD series entitled The True Meaning Of Romans 13.

    This is a very short list, of course. And, no, I didn’t forget about Rev. Feel Good himself, Joel Osteen, and his $4 million taxpayer bribe to promote the phony Covid agenda. I didn’t forget about ultra Christian Zionist David Jeremiah and his fellow radio and television proselytes of the Pharisees. In fact, the one thing that all of these “dumb dogs” have in common is their commitment to the false doctrines of Christian Zionism. 

    Truly, it is a disgusting display. 

    P.S. I again urge readers to watch my series of 31 messages in three packages entitled The Israel Package, Set One, Set Two and Set Three.

    These messages are a strong repudiation of the heresy of Christian Zionism that has corrupted so many pulpits and churches.

    Order Set One here.

    Order Set Two here.

    Order Set Three here.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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