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    “We Are All Palestinians Now”

    Published: Thursday, March 11, 2021

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    During the past year, the phony Covid narrative has locked down billions of people and millions of jobs all over the world. Bill Gates and his evil little toady Anthony “Heil Hitler” Fauci, along with the CDC and WHO, have shuttered hundreds of thousands of businesses, turned pastors and churches into dumb sheep and impoverished millions. And as I noted in last week’s column, the phony Covid narrative also results in the deaths of over 10,000 African children every month.

    As an aside, you should watch this brief video showing Anthony “Heil Hitler” Fauci attempting to enact the exact same type of fear-mongering lockdowns and shutdowns ten years ago. Same Script. Same Tactics. Same Players.

    Watch the video here.

    If Gates and Fauci have their way, the U.S. and rest of the world will remain in fear-mongering lockdown mode for at least another year or two. If they could make it happen, their fear-mongering lockdowns would last indefinitely.  

    And as horrific as the Covid lockdowns have been for everyone, we need to take a moment and reflect on a 14-year lockdown that 2 million Palestinians have endured at the hands of Zionist Israel—a lockdown that defies imagination and stretches the limits of humanity.

    I’m talking about the Palestinian people who live in the world’s largest open air prison in the Gaza Strip—a narrow piece of land that is roughly 25 miles long and 141 square miles in size.

    Here is the story:

    While the rest of the world may rightly moan about the ways in which the miserable Covid-induced lockdowns have affected our lives, spare a thought for the 2 million Palestinians imprisoned in Israel’s brutal and illegal blockade.

    “We're all Palestinians now,” some say, as people around the world are under Covid-19 lockdown and rendered jobless. While the reference is apt, Palestinians in Gaza have been under the most severe lockdown in the world for 14 long years.  

    As 2021 has gone on, it has become increasingly clear that lockdowns are affecting people around the world in painful and deadly ways beyond the already awful effects of slashed incomes and isolation. 

    So imagine life where the lockdown isn't for a period of weeks or months, but throughout the year, every year, with no end in sight, making life utterly unlivable

    And while there is absolutely no just reason for Israel's imprisonment of two million people, it continues, year after year, in violation of Israel’s legal obligations under international law, as the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) notes.

    The power outages, fuel and cooking gas shortages, dramatic food insecurity, stunted growth in children, 50 percent unemployment, and 96 percent undrinkable water have been Gaza's reality for years

    Picture a functioning hospital with dialysis machines, working ICUs, etc. Now imagine it with limited or no electricity, for 14 years, and after three wars. That's Gaza.  

    And every year, due to the Israeli restrictions on imports, Gaza has less than a month's supply of essential medicines (48 percent in 2019; 42 percent in January 2021). In December 2019, for example, 58 percent of chemotherapy drugs and 41 percent of kidney dialysis medicines were at zero stock. 

    Gaza's lockdown has rendered vast numbers jobless, unable to travel, and prevented university graduates with scholarships abroad from completing their studies. 

    Dangerous things like diapers, shoes, A4 paper, livestock, seeds, refrigerators, washing machines, fabrics, light bulbs, musical instruments, crayons, clothing… and much more, were explicitly banned entry.

    Israel also puts Palestinians “on a diet” by firing on and abducting farmers and fishers, destroying wells and cisterns, destroying or stealing fishing boats and burning or spraying chemicals on farmland.

    During my time in Gaza, I documented Israeli live machine gun and sniper fire, routinely coming under fire myself, including for extended periods

    Were Israeli soldiers targeting 'terrorists'?  No, these were farm labourers and families, including the elderly and women. None posing any threat to Israel.  

    Israeli soldiers also target labourers and children collecting rubble and metal from demolished or bombed homes, transporting it, usually on donkey carts, to places where it can be sold for re-use in construction. 

    When travelling from central or southern Gaza on the coastal road, the shared taxi I was in would pass through Wadi Gaza, a slight valley which at times was overwhelmed by the stench of up to 90 million litres of raw and partially-treated sewage daily draining into the sea. 

    Because Gaza cannot treat its sewage and is not allowed to import materials needed to maintain or improve its sewage holding tanks, the only solution is dumping it into the sea. Otherwise, the sewage holding pools overflow into residential areas. 

    Protesting against the lockdown of Gaza, the “Great March of Return” from March 2018 to the end of 2019 saw 214 Palestinians killed by Israel, including 46 children, with 36,100 injured, including nearly 8,800 children, according to the UN. 

    Imagine the headlines were this in Russia or Syria. 

    Those under Covid-19 lockdowns now have experienced a mere fraction of what Palestinians in Gaza have endured for so long. I would hope that, as a result, more people might be moved to demand Israel end its 14-year lockdown of Gaza. 

    People who have read renowned Israeli historian Ilan Pappe’s monumental book The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine know that the barbaric treatment of the Gazans by the Israeli government is merely a continuation of barbarism being committed nonstop against the Palestinian people for over 70 years.

    But this barbarism, genocide and, dare I say, holocaust (Israel has murdered over 5 million innocent Palestinians since December of 1947, which qualifies as a holocaust in my book) being perpetrated against the Palestinian people by Zionist Israel means absolutely nothing to the vast majority of America’s evangelical Christians. Evangelicals are bewitched by a devilish spirit of deception known as Christian Zionism, aka Scofield dispensationalism.

    The depth of this evil enchantment under which evangelicals have fallen is so hypnotizing that they don’t even care that many of the Palestinians killed, maimed, tortured, beaten, starved and imprisoned are their brothers and sisters in Christ—their fellow Christians.

    I hear evangelical pastors say that the reason they submit to mask mandates is because of their compassion for their fellow man.


    Where is their compassion for their own Christian brothers and sisters in Palestine who live in abject persecution at the hands of the pagan Zionist government every day of their lives? Where is their compassion for the Palestinian Christian children and teenagers whom IDF soldiers routinely use for target practice? Where is their compassion for the Palestinian Christian women and girls who have been raped and beaten—and their unborn babies murdered—by IDF soldiers? Where is their compassion for the Palestinian Christian young men who have been tortured, imprisoned, put in forced-labor camps and murdered by IDF soldiers? Where is their compassion for the Palestinian Christian families that have had their homes burnt and bulldozed, their land stolen (land that they had lived on for hundreds of years) and their livelihoods destroyed by IDF soldiers?

    These American pastors who willingly submit to the antichrist mask mandates and lockdowns are not demonstrating Christian compassion; they are demonstrating crass cowardice.

    While there are many sincere Christian people who have fallen victim to the false doctrines of Christian Zionism (I was once a victim myself), there is no doubt that the man who was used by the forces of evil to brainwash America’s evangelicals with the devilish doctrines of Christian Zionism, Cyrus Scofield, was himself a crook, conman, thief, child abuser, wife deserter, convicted criminal and total fraud. (Do the research.)

    It is no coincidence that the same evangelicals who fell for Scofield also fell for Trump. Both men had and have the same depraved character, and both men were and are Zionist puppets. Some even suggest that the real president during the past four years was uber-Zionist Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law. These people suggest that Trump was merely Kushner’s little lackey. It’s certainly possible, given Trump’s ultra-Zionist record while in office. 

    And with that thought in mind, it could also be speculated that the real president now is not Joe Biden but mega-Zionist Kamala Harris—with her Zionist husband Douglas Emhoff now also in the White House. 

    For Christians who are honest enough to desire the truth of God’s Holy Word regarding Israel, I have a series of 29 messages in 3 sets of DVDs explaining the foundational truth regarding Israel—past and present. That 3-set series is entitled The Israel Package. Understanding the truths put forward in this series of messages is absolutely essential to understanding true Biblical prophecy.

    Most evangelicals have been duped into believing that Israel is wrapped in prophecy and prophecy is wrapped in Israel. This is an egregious error. That’s why I say, to understand prophecy, the truths of this series of messages must be understood first.

    Order all 3 sets of The Israel Package here.

    Furthermore, I have just released a brief but critically important message entitled God’s Divorce From Israel that is now available on DVD.

    This message explains the Biblical truth that Jehovah God has officially (in the court of Heaven) divorced Himself from His wife of the Old Testament: the nation of Israel. Furthermore, He has taken a NEW bride: the New Testament Church. The destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD was God's final writ of divorcement from Israel.

    Therefore, in the eyes of God, the infatuation evangelicals have with the modern faux state of Israel is nothing more than spiritual adultery and idolatry.

    Order the message DVD God’s Divorce From Israel here.

    As I pointed out in last week’s column, Israel is the laboratory for all things tyrannical. Israel is a laboratory for the Covid lockdowns and experimental vaccines. Israel is a laboratory for the military police state. And Israel is a laboratory for large open-air prisons.

    In other words, Israel is the proving or testing ground for the tyrannical actions to be taken in the United States—which have already started, of course. And no people on earth have suffered as human guinea pigs more than the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    The phony Covid narrative being forced upon the American people this past year shows that the totalitarians are ready to take the tyrannical experiments out of the laboratory (Israel) and into the entire Western world—especially the United States.

    Truly, “we are all Palestinians now.”

    And disgustingly, the same evangelical Christians who turn a blind eye to Israel’s ongoing tyranny against the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank are turning a blind eye to the Covid tyranny against their own countrymen here in America.

    That is anything but compassion.

    P.S. To order my new message DVD, God’s Divorce From Israel, go here.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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