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    Joe Biden Is Coming For Your Guns

    Published: Thursday, February 18, 2021

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    Joe Biden has made no secret of his intention to trash the Second Amendment and do his best to expunge our God-given right of self-defense. Here is a list of some of the details Biden is planning.

    1. Ban the manufacture and sale of semi-automatic rifles

    2. Ban the importation of semi-automatic rifles

    3. Ban high-capacity magazines (those holding more than 10 rounds)

    4. Make gun manufacturers financially responsible for someone’s improper use of a firearm

    5. Enact a national registration database for existing semi-automatic rifles

    6. Impose punishing taxes on existing semi-automatic rifles

    7. Impose punishing taxes on the sale of ammunition

    8. Enact legislation forbidding an individual to purchase more than one firearm per month

    9. Require federal background checks for private gun sales

    10. Prohibit individuals from possessing firearms for a misdemeanor “hate” crime

    11. Prohibit the online sale of guns and ammunition

    12. Seize firearms from those who are issued restraining orders by family members

    13. Enact “red flag” gun confiscation laws

    14. Require a government license to purchase guns and ammunition

    15. Require that all firearms must be “smart guns,” making them so expensive that only the rich could afford them

    16. Require that guns be always “stored” (meaning: locked away) in people’s homes

    17. Prohibit individuals from being able to configure their own firearms

    18. Bribe states to enact more rigorous gun control laws with millions of federal tax dollars

    19. Prohibit teachers and educators from being able to carry guns for self-defense on school properties

    20. Create a network of “trauma care” providers, first-responders, medical personnel, etc., to act as federal informants to aid in the enforcement of gun control

    As any genuine Liberty-loving constitutionalist can easily see, any one of these proposed gun control laws is totally and thoroughly unconstitutional. And any genuine Christian should easily see that any one of these proposed gun control laws is totally and thoroughly unscriptural. Taken together, these proposals form a massive assault against our right to keep and bear arms.

    Not only are Biden’s proposals unconstitutional and unscriptural, they are inhumane, as they are a direct assault against our Creator’s Natural Laws of individual Liberty and personal self-defense.

    For all intents and purposes, most of the Natural liberties protected in our Bill of Rights have already fallen victim to federal abridgment.

    Bill Gates and Anthony “Heil Hitler” Fauci have eviscerated the First Amendment liberties of assembly and worship. Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey—along with the rest of the Fascist media—are in the process of dismantling First Amendment freedom of speech.

    G.W. Bush’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has used modern technology to strip Americans of their Third Amendment liberties, as we now have an entire U.S. Army division dedicated to electronically snooping into the private affairs of the lives of every American in the country.

    Presidents Obama and Trump utilized Bush’s Patriot Act to strip the American people of their Fourth Amendment liberties on a daily—even hourly—basis. (Biden was also a major player in the adoption of the Patriot Act.) State and local law enforcement agencies also routinely ignore and trample the Amendment that founder James Otis so brilliantly created and for which he was almost beaten to death

    Likewise, the rest of the Bill of Rights have been largely thrown into the trash can by tyrannical politicians and judges.

    Read this report. 

    The only Liberty protected in our Bill of Rights that is left somewhat standing is the Second Amendment. And 2021 is the year that the power elite have chosen to destroy this “precious jewel” (Patrick Henry’s affectionate term for Liberty).

    You say, “It can’t happen here.” Really?

    This time last year you would have said that government agencies closing churches, shuttering businesses, mandating forced isolations of healthy people, restricting travel, dictating personal healthcare, forcing elderly people to suffer and die alone and away from their families—being treated no better than convicted felons serving life sentences in maximum security prisons—could not happen here either.


    I don’t know how to say it any plainer: If you value your right to keep and bear arms, you are going to have to make protecting that right your TOP PRIORITY for 2021. Forget watching sports on television. Forget your golf score. Forget your fishing trips. If America’s gun owners do not rise up out of their easy chairs—I mean by the tens of millions—to protect our God-given right to keep and bear arms, the Second Amendment will crash and burn in 2021.

    Obviously, your governor, State legislator and county sheriff are indispensable supports in the preservation of your Second Amendment liberties. You need to be bombarding these people with emails, letters, phone calls, personal visits, etc. And you need to get every freedom-loving friend and relative that you know to do the same thing.

    And God help you if you live in a State in which your governor and legislature will not help you. God help you if you live in a county where your sheriff will not help you. For Liberty’s sake, why do you stay in these Gestapo-like states and counties?

    You do realize—do you not?—that it was attempted gun confiscation that triggered our War for Independence. You do realize—do you not?—that, humanly speaking, the only thing that stands between us and complete subjugation is an armed and resolute citizenry. You do understand that, right?

    I have produced several products that are designed to instruct and energize free men and women—especially Christian men and women—regarding the duty we have under God to vigorously maintain our means of self-defense.

    The first is a book co-authored by my constitutional attorney son and me entitled To Keep or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns.

    This book is written from a Biblical perspective, not a constitutional one. There are tomes of books on the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. But this book addresses the Scriptural duty of self-defense.

    This book examines Scripture texts from both Testaments and proves without a doubt that self-defense is a duty we have under God. We also examine the verses that Christian statists and pacifists use to argue that Christians have no duty to use force in self-defense or that Christians are supposed to surrender their arms at the behest of government officials. We conclusively show that such arguments are completely unfounded and without scriptural support.

    Plus, I preached two messages that deal specifically with the Biblical/Natural right to keep and bear arms.

    The first message is entitled A Biblical Portrait Of The Righteousness And Requirement Of Bearing Arms. This message is taken from the life of Abraham in Genesis 14.

    In this message I show that bearing arms for self-defense—which in the modern world points to AR-15-style rifles and Glock-style pistols—is both RIGHTEOUS and REQUIRED by the laws of God. And the life of Abraham proves it.

    The second message is entitled The Attack Against Our Guns And The Christian Duty To Repel The Attack.

    In this message I show how governmental attacks against armed men are as much spiritual in nature as they are political and physical. And I show the DUTY that Christian men and women have to repel and resist these attacks. Our very survival as a free republic depends on it—and so does our obedience to the Christian faith. (Watch the message!)

    In addition, inside my series of messages entitled Natural Law, Liberty And Government Package is a message called Christ’s Law Of The Sword, which explains what Jesus meant when he told Simon Peter in the Garden of Gethsemane to “put up thy sword.” (John 18:11)

    Would to God that America’s pastors were teaching their congregations these vitally important Biblical principles! If they were, tyrannical gun grabbers would not even be able to get elected, much less pass laws usurping our Second Amendment liberties. 

    America’s Colonial pastors led the nation in the fight for Liberty and independence. On the whole, America’s pastors today are leading the nation into subjugation and bondage.

    This is no hyperbole: Joe Biden is coming for your guns.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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