Chuck Baldwin (2021)
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    Dr. Baldwin's 2/12/2021 Interview with Jerry Barrett on the Power of Prophecy Show

    Published: Friday, February 12, 2021

    We Have a Pulpit Problem: Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Pastor Chuck Baldwin to the program to discuss the failure of America’s church leaders. Many churches are more beholden to their beloved 501(c)3 status that God’s Holy Word. Their tongues no longer teach the full counsel of God. Too many pastors prioritize money over truth, and our nation is suffering because iron men no longer occupy the majority of the pulpits. Freedom of speech and religion have been squashed by today’s cancel culture; protection from illegal search and seizure was removed with the Patriot Act; and now the zealots want guns to be removed from the populace. In 1 Timothy 5:8, Paul explains what happens to those who do not provide for their own. The lack of strong spiritual leadership will lead this country to its demise.

    Listen to the interview here.


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