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    The Top Ten Most Evil People In 2020

    Published: Thursday, February 11, 2021

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    Choosing the top ten most evil people in 2020 is an almost impossible task, because the list of candidates is almost endless. 

    The criteria for the list below are based on several key factors:

    1. The scope of their evil influence, which is largely determined by virtue of the positions they occupy. A more powerful office lends itself to much greater calamity from their evil decisions.

    2. The continuation of their wickedness over a period of time. While even good, well-intentioned people can make mistakes that lead to dire consequences, the people on this list have a track record of perpetual evil.

    3. The evil itself. As our Lord said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matthew 7:20 KJV)

    And here is the Apostle Paul’s indictment:

    Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips: Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness: Their feet are swift to shed blood: Destruction and misery are in their ways: And the way of peace have they not known: There is no fear of God before their eyes. (Romans 3:13 – 18 KJV)

    The evil practices that placed the following people on this list are weighed on the above scale, along with the depth and breadth of their evil machinations.

    Okay. Here we go.

    1. Bill Gates

    The evil inflicted upon the world by this monster is incalculable. His obsession with eugenics and vaccinations that use dangerous and experimental drugs borders on insanity. If there is such a thing as an evil genius in this world, it is Bill Gates.

    Gates’ devilish infatuation with pharmaceuticals (he’s neither a doctor nor a scientist) makes him a glaring symbol of the Babylonian beastly system found in Revelation 18. The Greek word used in describing the tools of the antichrist system in that chapter is “pharmakeia” or “pharmaceutical.” The King James translators use the English word “sorceries.” 

    Gates is truly a modern antichrist sorcerer.

    Gates’ vaccine experiments are documented to have killed thousands of people all across the world. His extreme wealth—which is used to manipulate governments, corrupt medical establishments and inflict death and destruction on a global scale—easily puts him in the number one spot on our list.

    I strongly urge readers to read Robert Kennedy Jr.’s in-depth research into the evil expedients of Bill Gates.

    2. Anthony Fauci

    Anthony “Heil Hitler” Fauci is Bill Gates’ evil little toady. Between them, they masterminded the biggest hoax in world history—a hoax that is being used to enslave the entire free world.

    As Robert Kennedy Jr. writes:

    The global lockdowns that Bill Gates [and Anthony Fauci] helped orchestrate and cheerlead have bankrupted more than 100,000 businesses in the U.S. alone and plunged a billion people into poverty and deadly food insecurity that, among other devastating harms, kill 10,000 African children monthly. 

    In a just society, Gates and Fauci would be tried for fraud on a global scale, insider manipulation for personal profit, crimes against humanity and mass murder. And I’m sure an aggressive prosecutor could come up with at least a dozen other felonies of which they are guilty. And upon conviction, they would be summarily executed.

    3. Big Tech CEOs

    I’m talking about men such as Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter).

    These men are the modern-day equivalents of Germany’s Paul Joseph Goebbels. With the help of rich Zionists and politicians in Washington, D.C., these men have created communications monopolies that are in the process of eviscerating the freedom of speech in this country. While Gates and Fauci are destroying the First Amendment’s freedom of worship in America, Zuckerberg and Dorsey are destroying the First Amendment’s freedom of speech in our country.

    4. The Mainstream Media (MSM)

    On the whole and with very few exceptions, the MSM in America is controlled by anti-America Zionists who are hell-bent on obliterating the Christian foundation of our country and turning this nation into a totalitarian state. Big Media along with Big Tech (and you can throw in Big Religion too) are truly nothing more than propagandists for Big Government.

    5. King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud

    The king and prince of Saudi Arabia are pure evil. Their hands drip with the blood of thousands of innocents all over the Middle East—especially in Yemen. With the help of the United States (under both Republican and Democrat administrations—including Donald Trump), the House of Saud has created the greatest humanitarian crisis of the 21st Century.

    Saudi Arabia and Israel—not Iran—are the greatest exporters of terrorism in the Middle East. With assistance from America’s CIA and Israel’s Mossad, Saudi money and Wahhabi jihadists created the terror groups ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, al Qaeda, et al. 

    6. Benjamin Netanyahu and Zionist Israel

    Netanyahu is a mass murderer and war criminal. He and his predecessors led an ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Palestinian people that surpasses the crimes of the Nazi regime in Germany.

    Over 5 million Palestinians have been murdered by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Millions of Palestinians have been displaced, humiliated, raped, tortured, forced into military prisons, starved, beaten and treated like cattle by Israel’s prime ministers (including Netanyahu) and the IDF. 

    Currently, Netanyahu presides over the world’s largest prison in which the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank are prisoners in their own land. 

    Whatever else you read this year, be sure to read the book The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine by Ilan Pappe.

    7. Joe Biden

    It is superfluous to even mention that Joe Biden belongs to the Clinton Criminal Cartel. He is as dirty as they come. Had Donald Trump been serious about wanting to drain the swamp, he would have dealt with Biden and Clinton years ago, and the whole 2020 election debacle would have never transpired. Trump has no one to blame but himself for what happened last November. 

    There is no question that Biden will lead an all-out attack against our Second Amendment. Anti-gun bills are already being filed in the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives. Sheila Jackson Lee’s bill alone would turn millions of law-abiding gun owners into felons overnight. Gun registration in a national database, unconscionable taxes on each firearm, gun confiscation, required licenses to purchase guns and ammo, etc., are on their way.

    I urge readers to get the book I co-authored with my attorney son entitled To Keep Or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns.

    I also urge you to watch my message A Biblical Portrait Of The Righteousness And Requirement Of Bearing Arms.

    Unbelievably, pastors and churches are among the most apathetic people when it comes to the right to keep and bear arms. The book and DVD message above present the Biblical duty of self-defense that God has given each of us. 

    Christians must rise up against the oncoming assault against our 2nd Amendment liberties. To do any less is to damn our children to a life of tyranny and oppression.

    Wake up, Christian! Virtually every God-given Liberty protected in our Bill of Rights is already deracinated. The 2nd Amendment is the only one still standing. The Church has the power to stop this evil anti-freedom agenda. And if it fails, our children will curse our memory—along with our cowardice and complacency.

    8. Donald Trump

    While many Christians and conservatives regard Donald Trump as almost a god, the exact opposite is true. 

    As with every president since Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump is a mass murderer and international war criminal. He dropped more bombs and murdered more innocent people than any of his predecessors during a first term. He cold-bloodedly murdered a foreign head-of state, Iran’s Qasem Soleimani. Throughout his entire presidency, Trump waged relentless war on Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. He illegally seized and occupied Syria’s oil fields. And he gave pardons to murderous war criminals.

    Trump gave pardons to Zionist spies and international gangsters. He made a mockery of justice by giving pardons to a litany of Zionist miscreants, many of them at the urging of ultra-Zionist Alan Dershowitz.

    Plus, Trump continued the war against America’s unborn babies by authorizing more taxpayer dollars be given to America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, than did Barack Obama. 

    Donald Trump and his propaganda machine QAnon deceived millions of Christians and conservatives with their anti-Deep State rhetoric, while actually making the swamp deeper than ever before.

    Trump earned his place on this list.

    9. George Soros and Sheldon Adelson

    Billionaire Zionists Soros and Adelson played both ends of the political spectrum to perfection. Soros financed the Left; and Adelson financed the Right. But both men were working for Tel Aviv. Between them (and others), they put practically all of Washington, D.C., in their hip pocket.

    10. The U.S. Congress

    With only a few exceptions, our U.S. Congress is bought and paid for by the military-industrial complex, Big Oil, Big Business, Big Pharma and the Israeli lobby.

    Both major parties in Congress are culpable in the deaths of millions of innocent people who have been killed in America’s ongoing “war on terror.” Both parties in Congress are culpable in the deaths of over 60 million unborn babies. Both parties in Congress are culpable in deepening America’s national debt and deficit spending. Both parties in Congress are culpable in financing America’s nosedive into socialism and totalitarianism. Both parties in Congress are culpable in promoting the great deception of 2020: the so-called Covid pandemic. On the whole, they are a pathetic, psychotic and putrefying bunch of people.

    Surely, America can do better.

    Our country will not be saved by partisan politics. It will be saved by people of humility, integrity, courage and understanding. And before we can expect to see those characteristics in people in positions of power, we must first see those characteristics in ourselves. Leaders are a reflection of the people who put them in positions of leadership.

    Maintaining Liberty is hard, arduous work. It requires the application of heart, mind and strength. Freedom is more important than a Super Bowl game or a golf game or a fishing tournament or a bowling league or a closet full of expensive clothes or big houses or fancy cars or any other distraction.

    Liberty and constitutional government are our business—all of our business. Americans have entrusted these sacred jewels to corrupt politicians for too long.

    Thomas Jefferson said, “The God who gave us life gave us freedom.” Bingo! And the God who gave freedom to an ever-vigilant, Liberty-loving, God-fearing people can also take it away from an indolent, self-absorbed and arrogant people.

    And it sure would be nice if America’s preachers would help us in this fight. Colonial America had Jonas Clark, John Witherspoon, James Caldwell and John Leland. Modern America has Robert Jeffress, Franklin Graham, John Hagee and Jerry Falwell Jr.

    Maybe that says it all.

    P.S. I am excited to announce that the speeches from Liberty Fellowship’s 10th Anniversary Celebration are now available. Two of America’s great scholars spoke during that conference. Hundreds of people from all over the country packed the auditorium.

    Professor Thomas DiLorenzo spoke on the subject The Problem With Lincoln Is The Problem With America. No one in America is as well versed on the subject of Abraham Lincoln as Professor DiLorenzo.

    In fact, before the conference, we contacted every major university and many colleges in the State of Montana asking history professors to debate Mr. DiLorenzo, and not a single professor in the entire State was willing to debate him. After you listen to his presentation, you will understand why.

    Order Thomas DiLorenzo’s outstanding address The Problem With Lincoln Is The Problem With America here.

    Our second speaker was Michael Hoffman. Without a doubt, Mr. Hoffman is the most eminent Christian scholar on the subject of the Jewish Talmud alive today. Fittingly, he spoke on the subject The Talmud: Its Impact On America Contrasted With The Ethics Of Jefferson.

    I promise you: You will never hear a more scholarly, in-depth presentation on the subject of the Jewish Talmud in your entire life than this address by Michael Hoffman. His research on and familiarity with the Talmud is unmatched. This address will—as they say—blow you away.

    Order Michael Hoffman’s phenomenal address The Talmud: Its Impact On America Contrasted With The Ethics Of Jefferson here.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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