Chuck Baldwin (2021)
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    Dr. Baldwin's 7/6/20 Interview With Teresa Kuhn On Living Wealthy Radio

    Published: Monday, July 13, 2020

    Pastor Chuck Baldwin on COVID Tyranny

    Today, the United States stands on the brink of losing what little freedom we have left. We’re locking up preachers, business owners, and people who just don’t wear a face mask. How did this change happen so quickly? In this conversation, we discuss what America had back in 1776 that we don’t have today. We’re giving up our liberties without a second thought, and you have to wonder: is there any going back?

    Joining us for a second time is Pastor Church Baldwin, a prolific writer, speaker, media commentator, and preacher. He currently pastors the Liberty Fellowship in Montana and continues to speak out on matters of liberty and the church. He’s here to explain just how crucial this moment in history is, and where the New World Order agenda is leading us with COVID and civil unrest if we don’t wake up and put a stop to it.

    Listen to the interview here.


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