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    This Is Not Going To End Well For Evangelicals

    Published: Thursday, February 27, 2020

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    Now that the election season is heating up, rational reasoning, constitutional principles and spiritual convictions are in deep hibernation. For that matter, they have been in deep hibernation ever since Donald Trump was elected president.

    On my Facebook page this week, I wrote:

    If conservatives and Christians were as faithful to the principles contained in our Constitution and Bill of Rights when Republicans are in the White House as they are when Democrats are in the White House, I would have some respect for them—and I would be singing a much different tune. Until that time comes, however, my songs will stay in the minor key.

    Such an “if” is mere fantasy. And the deeper we get into the election cycle, the deeper rational reasoning, constitutional principles and spiritual convictions plunge into hibernation. The phony left-right, conservative-liberal, Republican-Democrat paradigm trumps (no pun intended) everything else—and I mean everything.

    As I said in my Facebook post, had Christians and conservatives shown any kind of consistent convictions over the past three years, this column would have a much different tone. A vote for Donald Trump in 2016 based on his rhetoric is understandable. It’s what people who voted for Trump’s rhetoric are willing to tolerate from Trump’s actions that is unforgivable. 

    The only time Christians and conservatives (on the whole) care a whit about Christian convictions and constitutional principles is when a Democrat is in office. Put a Republican in the White House—especially Donald Trump—and Christian convictions and constitutional principles go to mush.

    And there is absolutely no use in arguing truth, history, facts, Biblical teaching, constitutional fidelity or anything else. Supporting Donald Trump is more important than all of the above. He is more important than the Constitution; more important than the Bible; more important than Natural Law; more important than the rule of law. He is the most important man—the most important thing—in the universe.  

    To millions of evangelicals, we are doomed if Trump loses the election. There is no hope if Trump loses the election. To them, our entire future depends on Trump not losing the election. 

    Evangelical Christians will support Donald Trump no matter what, and that’s a fact. When Trump said he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone and not lose any voters, he was talking about evangelical Christians.

    I’m convinced that if Donald Trump declared martial law, suspended the Constitution and declared himself Caesar, most evangelicals would shout, “Praise the Lord!” If he sent the U.S. military to round up his critics and incarcerate them for life—or even murder them—most evangelicals would shout, “Hallelujah!” Short of arming Iran and leading them in an attack against Israel, I am convinced there is nothing Donald Trump could do to lose their support. Absolutely nothing!

    Trump’s support for the life of unborn babies is all talk. His support for the Second Amendment is all talk. His support for religious liberty is all talk. And still evangelicals support him.

    Trump has appointed an open sexual pervert to the highest government office in U.S. history. He has exploded deficit spending and the national debt to the highest levels in U.S. history. He signed the USMCA, which is a total sellout of U.S. sovereignty—NAFTA on steroids. He has run roughshod over the Constitution and the rule of law. He governs with brute force, fear and intimidation. He repeatedly blasphemes the name of God. He lavishes praise on every two-bit dictator and tyrant in the world. He spends over one hundred million taxpayer dollars on his own personal golf resorts—spending one out of every five days of his time in office playing golf on the taxpayer nickel. And still evangelicals support him.

    Trump has expanded the “war on terror” beyond any of his predecessors. He drops a bomb somewhere in the world every 12 minutes. He has dropped more bombs than both G.W. Bush and Barack Obama (almost 200,000 by the end of this year), murdering tens of thousands of innocent people. He has transformed the definition of patriotism into racial and religious bigotry. He is on a pace to appoint more CFR swamp creatures to his administration than either G.W. Bush or Barack Obama. And still evangelicals support him.

    I could go on and on and on and on, but it doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t matter.

    To a majority of evangelical Christians, Donald Trump—and the State of Israel—are idols. Yes, I’m saying it: Millions of evangelical Christians are practicing idolaters.

    I urge readers to watch my short video exposing the great evil of idolatry—which in the Bible is spiritual adultery. 

    Susan Wright said it so well:

    In the age of Trump, running across these stories of absurdity and borderline blasphemy have become the norm, I’m sad to say. The fervor surrounding this unrepentant adulterer and cheater of orphans, widows, and veterans matches the unrestrained worship seen through the years in various cults and sects around the world.

    What makes it equally disgusting is that once-respected Christian leaders have gone all in to back this man, putting their reputations and their witness on the line, for the glory of Trump. They’ve forgotten the first calling of a Christian – to go out into the world and be a light, winning souls to the Kingdom of God – because they’ve made winning elections and the pursuit of political power more important.

    Let me reiterate this point: Trump is an abusive, profane, selfish, and in every way, ungodly man. His heart is far from God, and no matter how he courts evangelicals for their vote, only true repentance will save him. Not being surrounded by religious “leaders” of dubious character and intent. They lavish him with undue praise and admiration, but nowhere do they call out his abuse or profanity. At no time do they put Jesus’ teachings of such things, above standing on their partisan platform. And why are they so cowardly, when faced with an opportunity to minister to this man, thereby impressing on a dark world the need and availability of salvation for all?

    Because to do so would cause them to be cast out from his inner circle and away from that access to political power.

    Amen, Susan!

    Make no mistake about it: Barring some kind of national catastrophe (and, no, the Coronavirus is NOT it—all the fearmongering and media hype notwithstanding), Donald Trump is going to win re-election. It doesn’t matter who the Democrat nominee turns out to be: Trump is going to win.

    The ruling class has brilliantly maneuvered the Democrat Party into the hands of radical leftist extremists that make even an amoral, warmongering, philandering, narcissistic, blasphemous ego-maniac look good by comparison.

    Speaking of which, consider the irony of this: Michael Bloomberg is a New York billionaire Republican running as a Democrat against Donald Trump, a New York billionaire Democrat running as a Republican. You just can’t make this stuff up.

    You must hand it to the ruling class. Pulling this off was shear genius.

    I’ve been cussed out by hundreds of good Trump-worshipping “Christians.” I’ve been consigned to hell by hundreds of good Trump-worshipping “Christians.” I’ve had several death threats from good Trump-worshipping “Christians.” I’ve had scores of good Trump-worshipping so-called friends turn against me.

    I am now totally immune to it. If I lose everything over my truth-telling, it’s fine with me. It’s never been about popularity or wealth with me. NEVER!

    If the day comes when there is no longer enough support for truth to sustain my work, I will walk away with a clear conscience and a heart full of thanksgiving to God for giving me the strength to faithfully stand. And I mean that from the depth of my soul.

    As I say in the video I’m urging you to watch, this is not going to end well for evangelicals.

    Almighty God is angry with the way His bride, the Church, has run off with the orange-haired whoremonger and his cabal of Zionist warmongers. It didn’t end well for Old Testament Israel when they played the harlot with idols; and it won’t end well for evangelicals either.

    Mark my words: The time will come when evangelicals will rue the day they ever heard of Donald Trump—especially the televangelists who prostituted their pulpits for this psychopath.

    Trump’s re-election notwithstanding, this is not going to end well for evangelicals.

    P.S. Again, I urge readers to watch my short video entitled God’s Divorce From Israel. It shows the tragic truth of how evangelical Christians are repeating the iniquity of Old Testament Israel by playing the harlot with idols.

    © Chuck Baldwin


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