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    Last Call For THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS . . . And More

    Published: Thursday, December 12, 2019

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    We compiled and began offering this one-of-a-kind book nearly 20 years ago. This giant compilation contains dozens of the greatest documents of American history in one beautiful volume. I say beautiful, because the cover on this book will complement any library, dining room table or nightstand. 

    And this column serves as the last call for this special Christmas printing of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. 

    THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS includes 57 of America’s most important historical documents and 212 full-size (8½ x 11) pages. This is a BIG book.

    This volume of historical documents is an almost perfect compilation of the most important documents of liberty and constitutional government ever produced. And it is available only here.

    Pastors, teachers, attorneys and judges have purchased THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS with extreme satisfaction. This is the perfect history book for homeschoolers—or children attending any school, as the vast majority of these documents are NOT studied in the vast majority of schools today, including Christian and private schools.  

    The Tennessee State Supreme Court ordered several copies of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. Plus, a Montana county sheriff recently ordered copies for each of his deputies. I believe you will be just as pleased as they are with this wonderful compilation of American documents.

    You can have these great documents at your fingertips in one beautifully bound, easy-to-read format. These are the documents that gave birth to the greatest free nation on earth. Again, nowhere else can you find these documents complete in one volume under one title. And, as always, THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS come with a spiral binding for easy copying. 

    More than one person has told me that once they started reading THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS, they could not stop. They have told me that as they read these great documents, the feeling of national pride swelled in their hearts like never before.

    These documents will truly inspire (or re-inspire) the great feeling of American patriotism like little else will—and why not? These are the documents that came from the minds and hearts of the great men and women who birthed and built this wonderful country. I am sure that the Spirit of ’76 will swell in your heart, too, as you read THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. 


    We also have a special half-price Christmas discount on my very important message DVD, The Destruction Of Jerusalem.

    If a person can only watch ONE of my messages, it should be my message The Destruction Of Jerusalem. This might be the most powerful message God ever gave me to preach; and it might be the BEST message to give to your friends or loved ones who are still entrapped by Christian Zionism.

    Purchase 3 or more copies of my message DVD The Destruction Of Jerusalem, and pay HALF PRICE.

    Many people are using these message DVDs as gifts for friends and loved ones.

    The vast majority of Christians have not heard another message like this one in their entire lives—and will probably never hear one like it again. Plus, it has one of the most surprising and powerful endings you will ever hear. I have already heard from dozens of people who have told me how profoundly this message affected them and caused them to reexamine the whole concept of Israel-based prophetic futurism.

    This message chronicles the factual historical and Biblical record of Jerusalem’s destruction and what it means prophetically and spiritually.


    And here is one more item I am offering readers for Christmas:

    Every Christmas Eve, my wife and I watch what I believe is the best film depicting the birth of Christ ever produced. It is called The Nativity Story.

    For the most part, it is historically accurate—which is a rarity in movies. The casting, acting and directing are superb. The film is reverent and respectful. Some of the script is pure genius. The depiction of the angel's appearance to Mary is very well done and consistent with Scripture.

    The film is a beautiful depiction of our Lord's virgin birth. Joseph's character really shines, and Herod's character is an almost perfect depiction of that evil man. Plus, the ending of the film is truly perfect.

    I absolutely love this film, and I believe you will too.

    Order The Nativity Story DVD here.

    Ordering the books and DVDs that we offer is a tremendous help to my work.

    Plus, without the gifts and donations of folks who read my columns and watch my online messages, this work would not exist. Therefore, if you want to see this independent, pro-freedom, anti-police state, pro-peace, anti-war, pro-Second Amendment, anti-gun control, pro-Constitution, anti-imperialism, pro-Christian (including Palestinian Christian) and anti-Zionism voice of truth and reason continue, I am asking you to help me by donating to my work.

    Throughout the course of a year, I lose the financial support of many people who become angry with me because I will not blindly support Donald Trump, the Zionist State of Israel or the phony left-right paradigm. But I absolutely refuse to cater the message of truth for personal financial gain. When the day comes that the message of truth is not supported for truth’s sake, I will walk away with a clear conscience that I compromised or capitulated for no man or no group of men.

    The path I have chosen is a lonely one; and that’s okay. I’m not interested in being popular or rich. All I care about is being faithful to truth. And I do that to the best of my ability with every column I write and with every message I preach. 

    I, therefore, use the occasion of this column to ask for your financial assistance.

    If you hate the columns I write and the messages I preach, then by all means, give your money to someone else, because I don’t plan to stop telling the truth now. But if you appreciate the consistent, principled stand I take for the Christian (NOT Judeo-Christian) faith, freedom, constitutional government, Natural Law and the principles of peace, please help me.  

    To donate to my work, go here.

    And THANK YOU!


    And here is where to order my message DVD The Destruction Of Jerusalem, including the HALF PRICE DISCOUNT when ordering 3 or more copies.

    And here is the link to order the outstanding film depicting the birth of Jesus Christ, called The Nativity Story

    © Chuck Baldwin


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