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    False Flags, Wars And Butchered Babies: A Neocon Paradise

    Published: Thursday, May 23, 2019

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    That Donald Trump’s administration is dominated and controlled by neocons is an absolute fact. CFR globalists, warmongering Zionists and neocon fossils from the G.W. Bush administrations litter Trump’s government. As for Trump, he is the guy assigned the job of pulling the wool over the eyes of gullible Christians and conservatives with a continuous barrage of insincere, duplicitous conservative rhetoric, while the real work of carrying out the nefarious, nasty agenda of establishment elites continues unabated.

    First, there can be no doubt that the alleged sabotage attacks on four oil cargo vessels anchored near the port of Fujairah was a false flag to blame Iran and justify Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to attack Iran. Both of these Zionists (along with Bolton, Pompeo, Pence, Graham, Shanahan, et al.) are salivating over war with Iran. And if this faux attack doesn't do the trick, watch for an even bigger one to follow.

    Joel Skousen accurately summarized this false flag event:

    Two of the tankers were from Saudi Arabia and were listed as loading oil destined for America to make sure the US could link the attack to “US interests.” The trouble is, reports of the attacks lacked any photographic evidence of the damage or the type of explosives used in the sabotage that could be independently verified, nor was there any evidence linking the alleged attack to Iran other than vague US and Saudi Arabia reports fingering Iran, the long-term enemy of the US Deep State in the Persian Gulf. Next came an alleged drone attack by Yemen against a Saudi Oil pipeline pumping station, which was also blamed on Iran, being the main supplier of military arms to Yemen. But it is the Saudis that are the aggressors in Yemen. They began attacking Yemen after Yemenese rebels overthrew the former US-backed regime that was aiding US-Saudi backed terrorism in Syria. One would expect Yemen to justifiably strike back at Saudi Arabia for its constant attacks for the past two years, so why blame Iran instead of Yemen itself? –To justify this war with Iran.

    The Saudis are now claiming that mines were placed on the ship’s hulls below the water line. In a claimed "credible military assessment" the Saudis have concluded that Iran attached explosives to the outsides of 4 oil tankers and blew holes in the hulls. But, strangely, the ships did not explode, did not catch fire, did not sink, and did not lean over. And, even more suspicious, there are no pictures of the damage.

    Media reports were all over the map claiming all kinds of fires and damage to ships, but the Fujairah Port administration finally had to deny them.

    The neocon/Zionist agenda of more wars for Israel (and the oil companies) is on the way, folks. Not to mention that Trump is attempting to follow G.W. Bush's example on how to win re-election—BY GOING TO WAR. Make no mistake about it; Donald Trump’s administration is a carbon copy of G.W. Bush’s presidency—except Trump’s White House is a Bush White House ON STEROIDS.

    Second, President Trump has finally sounded off on something specific regarding America's abortion laws, and guess what? He sided with pro-abortionists by OPPOSING the recent Alabama pro-life law that outlaws virtually all abortions (with the sole exception of the life of the mother—which really isn’t an exception, because saving the life of a mother by removing an ectopic pregnancy has never been considered abortion, including prior to the Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton Supreme Court decisions) and assigns prison terms of up to 99 years for abortion “doctors.”

    As with the rest of Trump’s “conservative” rhetoric, his "pro-life" rhetoric is just that: rhetoric. When the rubber meets the road, Trump is ALL TALK. Oh, he cut $50 million from Planned Parenthood (PP). Big deal! That's only 10% of the federal budget for America's largest abortion provider. Under Trump, PP is still receiving $450 million of annual taxpayer funding. Trump and the GOP controlled Washington, D.C., for 2 whole years and did absolutely NOTHING to end legal abortions in this country. Coincidentally, G.W. Bush and the GOP completely controlled D.C. for 4.6 years, and they did absolutely NOTHING to end legal abortion, either. My, what a coincidence!

    But the State of Alabama passing pro-life legislation that criminalizes abortions in that State (including aborting babies conceived via rape and incest) is a direct challenge to the ignoble Roe v Wade decision legalizing abortion-on-demand and handed this “pro-life” President a golden opportunity to actually do something besides TALK. Now this “pro-life” President had an opportunity to truly support a law that directly challenges Roe—the murderous law Trump has repeatedly said he wants to overturn. So, Trump came out strongly in support of the Alabama law, right? WRONG! As noted, this “strongly pro-life" (Trump’s words) President came out in OPPOSITION to Alabama’s pro-life law, saying it went “too far.” Trump wants to continue butchering babies.

    Rebecca Kiessling, a wonderful lady who was conceived in rape, said in response to Trump's despicable attack on the Alabama pro-life law:

    “I did not deserve the death penalty for the crime of my biological father. Ask Rick Perry about his conversation with me and how my story pierced his heart he said and that he could not look me in the eyes and justify the rape exception any longer. I’m sure if you met any one of the 800 of us from Save The 1, you would also have a hard time looking us in the eyes and then telling us that we did not deserve equal protection.”

    Julio Severo went on to say,

    “Strongly pro-life? Mr. President, if you can kill an innocent baby who has no guilt for being conceived in rape and incest, why not kill all the others for other stupid reasons? God calls you to save victims of oppression, and such babies are such victims!"

    Health risk and abortion for babies conceived in rape and incest are the classical pretexts used by the left to legalize abortion for all babies.

    Pregnancy of rape or health risks were the main strategies to legalize abortion in the United States, and the result was, according [to] Facts of Life: From 1980 to 2005, there was an annual median number of 1,455,281 abortions. Mother’s life or health cases were just 0.36%. For rape and incest, just 0.09%.

    The way I see it: You have no guilt if someone abandons a baby [on] your doorstep. But what are you going to do? Just leave the child at the doorstep? No, you are going to take any necessary measure to secure the well-being of the baby.

    A woman raped and impregnated has no guilt, and she is as [much of a] victim and [as] innocent as her baby is. What to do? [T]ake any necessary measure to secure the well-being of the baby and later adopt him or her or make him or her available for adoption. There are thousands of couples who would love to adopt a baby.

    As far as abortion is concerned, only rapists deserve capital punishment, not innocent babies.

    Well said, Rebecca and Julio.

    After being challenged on my Facebook page by a professing Christian, who attempted to justify murdering unborn babies conceived via rape or incest, I wrote:

    Please tell Rebecca Kiessling to her face that she should have been murdered. Tell me, did your mother teach you that two wrongs don't make a right, like my mom taught me? Do you believe that? I guess not, because that is exactly what you are advocating. How is it right to kill the innocent child because of her father’s crime? If a small child's father commits a heinous crime, do we kill the man's child? Why would it be wrong to kill an already born child for the crimes of his or her father but right to kill a preborn child for the crimes of his or her father? And if you claim to be a Christian, how can you defend the killing of ANY innocent human being?  

    Of course, Donald Trump is a Zionist and, as such, is sympathetic to Zionist son-in-law Jared Kushner’s Kabbalist Talmudic belief that an unborn baby is not a human being and, therefore, may be freely disposed of. Over 80% of American Jews are pro-abortion, and, in truth, Jewish Zionists in this country (in and out of Congress) are the ones who are the most aggressive in making sure abortion is legal. And, as I’m sure most of my readers know, Tel Aviv, Israel, is the abortion (and homosexual) capital of the world. Therefore, Trump’s opposition to Alabama’s genuine pro-life law didn’t surprise me one bit.

    Now, what I’m really dying to see is how Trump's pathetic patsy preachers Robert Jeffress and Jerry Falwell Jr. are going to justify Trump on this one. But, I’m sure that these self-serving toadies will find a way to cover for Trump’s wickedness, just as they’ve been doing for over two years now. After all, their fellow Christian Zionist and Trump lackey Pat Robertson already called the Alabama pro-life law “extreme” and said it went “too far.”

    These are your great “pro-life” “Christian” leaders, folks. BARF AND DOUBLE BARF!!

    Third, my enthusiastic applause is extended to Michigan Republican Congressman Justin Amash. I’ve always liked and respected Justin, but I now admire the heck out of him. He had the guts to actually read the Mueller report and further had the guts to rightly state that Donald Trump committed impeachable offenses.

    In the series of tweets on Monday, he rebutted GOP colleagues like [Mark] Meadows and [Andy] Biggs who have argued Trump could not have committed obstruction of justice because Mueller did not conclude the president engaged in the underlying crime of conspiracy with Russia.

    “They say there were no underlying crimes,” Amash tweeted. “In fact, there were many crimes revealed by the investigation, some of which were charged, and some of which were not but are nonetheless described in Mueller’s report.”

    As you can imagine, the Republican establishment is livid with Amash. GOP insiders have already found someone to challenge Amash in the primary elections next year. And he is being ostracized by the entire Republican Party in D.C. Even the House Liberty Caucus, which was founded by Amash and is chaired by Amash, has turned against him—as has Senator Rand Paul. And in the typical gangster fashion of mafia miscreant Donald Trump, the President said Amash “has been a loser for a long time.” Consider the source and take it as a compliment, Justin.

    Of course, Amash is a five-term Michigan congressman who is backed by former 12-term constitutionalist congressman and presidential candidate, Ron Paul. Ron’s brother, David, was an assistant pastor of a Lutheran church in Amash’s district and introduced Justin and Ron. Justin is a second-generation Palestinian Christian. He graduated valedictorian from a private Christian school. He graduated from the University of Michigan magna cum laude with a B.A. in economics and earned his J.D. at the University of Michigan Law School in 2005. Yet, the best accolade that can be given to Amash is to laud his stellar voting record. Amash has a lifetime cumulative score of 94%, according to the most accurate report card of constitutional votes in Congress, The Freedom Index.

    This is an aside, but I’ll say it straight out: I believe Donald Trump is God’s curse on America’s Christians for rejecting the candidacy of a true Christian constitutionalist, Ron Paul. Just as God gave Old Testament Israel a corrupt king—King Saul—for that nation’s open rejection of the Prophet Samuel, so, too, God has given America a corrupt President—Donald Trump—for the American Christians’ open rejection of the one man who, more than any other, carried the banner of God’s Natural Law, constitutionalism, liberty and Christian values for the American people: Congressman Ron Paul. Donald Trump is NOT Israel’s King Cyrus; he is America’s King Saul.  

    False flags precipitating more wars for Israel in the Middle East, continued baby butchering for the financial profits of the abortion industry (not to mention for the illegal youth-enhancing medical treatments using aborted baby parts for the super rich) and the denunciation and attempted political destruction of anyone who dares to challenge the corrupt Zionist Warfare State, which Donald Trump personifies: Yes, the Trump presidency is a neocon paradise.

    © Chuck Baldwin


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