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    How Zionist Israel Celebrated Its 70th Anniversary

    Published: Thursday, May 17, 2018

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    Three days ago, Jared and Ivanka Kushner, Steven Mnuchin, Sheldon Adelson, Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Dean Heller (R-NV), along with House members Joe Wilson (R-SC) and Lee Zeldin (R-NY) and Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott, joined Benjamin Netanyahu and his Zionist government in celebrating the 70th anniversary of Rothschild’s Israel. (Evangelical Christian leaders Robert Jeffress, John Hagee, Paula White, Ralph Reed, Jim Garlow, Lourdes Aguirre, Ramiro Pena and Jay Strack were also there.) But the real celebration wasn’t the one attended by Kushner and Company; it was the one that took place on the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) killing fields just a few miles away. And that “celebration” mirrored the way Israel has spent its entire 70-year existence: by committing mass violence and murder against defenseless Palestinians.

    The indigenous people of Palestine have been subjected to some of the cruelest and most inhumane treatment at the hands of the Zionist government of Israel ever since Zionists came to power on May 14, 1948. And May 14, 2018, was no different.

    At least 58 unarmed (unless you count slingshots and stones against armored tanks, machine guns and .50 caliber sniper rifles as being “armed”) Palestinian protesters were mowed down by Israeli gunfire. Over 1,300 were wounded. And let’s not forget the relentless, non-stop air strikes against Syria by the Israeli air force since Donald Trump announced his withdrawal from the Iranian treaty a little over one week ago.

    Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, writes:

    On May 14, 2018, while an American delegation which included the purported slum lord Jared Kushner, a US Embassy opened in Jerusalem in violation of four Senate ratified treaties and the fourth Geneva Convention, Netanyahu decided to strike.

    With Americans on Israeli soil and engaged in a solemn ceremony in defiance of human rights and the laws of man and God, America and Israel joined in the ritual slaughter of Palestinian innocents…at least 58 are killed and another 1,350 were injured by Israeli gunfire.

    Duff then posts a column by Steve Robertson (that includes photos and videos) detailing the absolute horror routinely inflicted upon the Palestinian people by Israel’s Zionist government:

    There was clear and undeniable video evidence that showed four Palestinian children playing soccer on the beaches of Gaza being shelled, dismembered and murdered by an Israeli naval gunboat. F-16 fighter jets, provided by the U.S., regularly drop laser guided one-ton phosphorus bombs on densely populated areas. A phosphorus bomb, for those unfamiliar with it, detonates on the ground and blankets the area with flying molten metal. When this molten metal lands on someone, a small child or an adult, the metal boils through the skin and can’t be put out…even if someone were to jump in a swimming pool.

    U.S. provided, Apache helicopters are used [to] machine gun strafe, in-other-words spray bullets, throughout civilian areas. Each day Palestinian people, people just like you and me, are forcefully challenged year in and year out to go through armed military checkpoints when traveling to work, going to buy food or visiting family or friends. Each day the Palestinians must endure multiple hour long checkpoint delays, each of which are engineered to intentionally harass . . . and humiliate.

    Palestinian property and homes are regularly and illegally seized and/or bulldozed to the ground. How many of you have heard about the young American peace activist Rachel Corrie who courageously stood in front of [a] Caterpillar bulldozer to protect the home of a Palestinian doctor from being bulldozed to the ground? Protesters who rallied around her watched in horror as the bulldozer operator ran over her and then backed up and ran over her again. She died as a result of these injuries.

    As Israel controls the electrical power and water supply grids within the region, they psychologically and logistically turn off and on these services as they so choose. Often power and or water is available for just a few hours a day. Imagine, if you will, the impact on any home, your home, if you were forced to endure this. No power equals no water pumps [which] means no water to drink, cook with or wash in. No power means that your food spoils because the refrigerator doesn’t work. It also means live or die basic hospital equipment is inoperable. Life saving ICU equipment, nursery incubators don’t work and emergency or scheduled operations can’t be performed. Add to this that the basic infrastructure of schools have been bombed to the ground and/or have no basic utilities from which to operate.

    [The] Israeli military [often] fire . . . tear gas canisters into Palestinian homes where parents have no means whatsoever of protecting their infants and small children from choking on these toxins and related lung/nervous system damage they cause.

    Robertson further writes:

    Palestinian parents regularly and defenselessly witness their children being kidnapped by the Israeli military. [The children are] imprisoned and tortured in Israel’s gulags and will likely never be seen again.

    In addition to this, there are reports of Israel harvesting organs from children. Yes, America’s greatest Democratic ally in the Middle East region appears to [be] regularly farming children for their organs. . . . Thus far, some 300,000 Palestinians are among the disappeared [that fill] the mass graves of the Negev.

    See the report here:

    Forgiveness In The Face Of Israel’s Great Global Arrogance and Cruel Indifference Towards Palestinians

    Writing for, Joyce Chediac writes:

    More than anything, Israel is an agent of war, since its formation.

    Just a day after the Trump administration exited the Nuclear Accord with Iran, in a coordinated move, Israel violated the sovereign borders of Syria and bombed what it called “Iranian positions” there. The provocative nature of these attacks, and bombings days later, were to draw Syria and its allies into an escalating conflict. Israel’s internal name for its strikes—“Chess.”

    Israel has attacked all bordering countries, some, like Lebanon, repeatedly and for decades. It occupied or annexed all of historic Palestine and territory from Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Jordan. This not because it had to do so to survive. It is because imperialism backed the formation of Israel on stolen Palestinian land, not as a homeland for Jewish people but as an agent of war against Arab independence [or better, their independence from the Rothschild/Federal Reserve central bank]. The Holocaust survivors who populated it were meant to fight and die for imperialism. To this end, the U.S. has given this country of 8.5 million people $254 billion (2016 dollars) since its formation. Most of this is in sophisticated offensive weapons and spy equipment. Israel has been constantly at war with its neighbors for the benefit of U.S. imperialism. [I would counter that it’s not for the U.S. as much as it’s for the New World Order globalists who control U.S. foreign policy.]

    She goes on to write:

    Israel claims to be a democracy and a Jewish homeland. This “democracy” published in  January a list of 20 human rights organizations whose members would be banned from the country. This included Jewish groups like Jewish Voice for Peace that support some form of Palestinian rights.

    A state that claims to be a refuge from anti-Semitism has twisted the definition of the term to include those who oppose the policies of the Netanyahu regime, many of them war crimes. It has launched an international campaign to get other governments to accept this patently false definition and make it legally binding. This is aimed at the movement to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel, which calls for an end to the occupation of Palestine, equal rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel, and the right of return for all Palestinian refugees to their homes.

    In the U.S., both Democratic and Republican legislatures have happily complied. Such a bill is currently pending before the U.S. Congress, and 23 states have pass laws outlawing BDS as “anti-Semitic.”

    See the report here:

    Israel At Seventy: Symbol Of War, Racism, Reaction  

    Sadly, most evangelical Christians will have no desire to read or listen to anything critical of Zionist Israel, because they have been totally and completely indoctrinated in Scofield dispensationalism and Israel-centered prophetic futurism.

    From Liberty University (LU) to Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), from John Hagee to Robert Jeffress, and from Pat Robertson to Tim LaHaye, evangelical Christians have been immersed in the notion that the advent of Rothschild’s Zionist State of Israel in 1948 is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and that the state itself is a burgeoning fulfillment of Jehovah’s covenants with Abraham and David. They are further convinced that God’s promise to Abraham, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee” (Genesis 12:3 KJV), applies to the Rothschild State of Israel created in 1948.

    Believe me: I understand the way they think perfectly, because I used to think the exact same way—for over 30 years. That is, until I began to prayerfully and carefully study the issue for myself, only to find that Scofield and LU and DTS and Hagee and Jeffress and Robertson and LaHaye, et al. are wrong. The Rothschild Zionist State of Israel is NOT the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy; it is NOT a burgeoning fulfillment of the covenants God made with Abraham and David; Netanyahu and his fellow Zionists are NOT God’s “chosen people”; and God’s promise to Abraham, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee,” does NOT remotely apply to the Rothschild state created in 1948.

    And perhaps nothing Jesus taught applies more accurately to the Zionist State of Israel than these words: “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matthew 7:20 KJV)

    Rothschild Zionism—since even before Israel’s inception, and even more following its inception— has produced chaos and carnage, destruction and death that is unparalleled in human history. And the impact of modern Israel on human suffering staggers the imagination.

    Gideon Polya writes:

    Presently there are 16 million avoidable deaths from deprivation and deprivation-exacerbated disease each year globally and there have been 1,500 million such deaths since 1950 (this including 600 million Muslims), this carnage being significantly linked to continuing Zionist perversion of US aid and foreign policy.

    There have been 32 million Muslim deaths from violence, 5 million, or from deprivation, 27 million, in 20 countries invaded by the pro-Zionist US Alliance in the US War on Terror (US War on Muslims) since the US Government’s 9-11 false flag atrocity in which Apartheid Israel is very likely to have been complicit.

    There have been millions of refugees generated and millions of Indigenous deaths from violence or imposed deprivation in countries subject to Apartheid Israeli-backed, genocidal civil wars, notably Guatemala, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Syria, Sudan and South Sudan.

    There have been 28 million American preventable deaths since 9-11 (1.7 million annually) that are inescapably linked to Zionist-beholden US Governments committing to a $40 trillion long-term accrual cost of supporting Apartheid Israel, this including a $7 trillion long-term accrual cost for the killing of millions of Muslims abroad in the Zionist-promoted War on Terror instead of keeping millions of Americans alive at home. Australia has similarly committed to $11 billion per year long-term to the War on Terror ($176 billion since 9-11) with this fiscal perversion linked to 1.4 million preventable Australian deaths since 9-11 (85,000 annually). Canada has similarly committed hugely to the War on Terror with this inescapably linked to 0.1 million Canadian preventable deaths annually or 1.7 million preventable deaths in Canada since 9-11. The UK has similarly committed hugely to the War on Terror with this linked in terms of fiscal deprivation to 0.15 million UK preventable deaths annually or 2.5 million preventable deaths in the UK since the 9-11 atrocity that killed 3,000 people.

    See the very thorough, well-researched and fully annotated report here:

    70th Anniversary Of Apartheid Israel: History Of Violent Invasion. Chronology Of Palestinian Genocide     

    Yet, to Scofield-zombied evangelicals, all of this death and destruction is considered not only “acceptable” but part of “God’s plan.” They believe that the Rothschild State of Israel is destined to usher in the return of Christ. But not before the antichrist takes over Israel, of course, and destroys a large percentage of the world’s population. Not to worry, however, because these Israel-obsessed evangelicals believe they will escape all of this death and destruction via the “Rapture.”

    Evangelicals also attempt to justify Israel’s murder and genocide of millions of innocent people by trying to compare this death and destruction by the Zionist state to God’s direct commands to Old Testament Israel (through Moses) to defeat the nations of the Old Testament Promised Land. But there is absolutely NO comparison. Lionel Walter Rothschild, Theodor Herzi, Chaim Weizmann and Benjamin Netanyahu are NOT Moses. These men didn’t (or don’t in the case of Netanyahu) even recognize Jesus Christ as being the Jews’ Messiah or the world’s Savior. (And as every evangelical Christian should know, Jehovah of the Old Testament and Jesus Christ of the New Testament are ONE.) These men subscribed (or subscribe in the case of Netanyahu) to Talmudism, which is nothing more than the continuation of the pagan religion of the Pharisees in Jesus and the Apostles’ day. Back in May of 2014, Netanyahu even recognized the law that willestablish the Talmud, the core work of Jewish law, as an official basis for Israeli state law.”  

    To equate the acts of a group of Christ-rejecting, Christ-hating Talmudists who murdered and are murdering millions of people for the sake of power and wealth to the acts of God’s great Old Testament prophet, deliverer and lawgiver, Moses, is nothing short of blasphemy.

    But evangelicals do seem to have one thing right: This Zionist State of Israel created in 1948 has already partially fulfilled the antichrist agenda of bringing death and destruction to the world, as noted above. Unfortunately, one thing they may not be counting on is that when the antichrist agenda being accomplished through Israel comes to fruition, it may include the death and destruction of the United States—and when that happens, the “Rapture” may not come in time to save them.

    In the meantime, the celebration of modern Israel’s 70th anniversary this week was merely a continuation of what Zionist Israel has celebrated since the day it was conceived: death and destruction.

    P.S. I, again, invite readers to watch my 15-message, 7-DVD series The Israel Package.

    As I said, I had been schooled in and personally believed and taught Israel-based Bible prophecy for over 30 years. After MUCH prayer, deliberation and personal study, however, I came to realize that everything I had been taught and had myself taught on the subject was patently FALSE. I now realize that the Zionist State of Israel created in 1948 has NOTHING to do with Biblical Israel.

    These 7 DVDs containing 15 messages explain the basic, foundational scriptural truth relative to the subject of Israel that must first be comprehended in order to understand the full teaching of Scripture on the matter. I consider this series of messages to be “Biblical Israel 101.”

    To order The Israel Package containing 15 messages on 7 DVDs at a HUGE DISCOUNT, go here:

    The Israel Package

    © Chuck Baldwin

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