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    Published: Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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    We began offering the very popular FREEDOM DOCUMENTS nearly 20 years ago, in which we compiled dozens of the greatest documents of American history in one beautiful volume.

    Now, for the very first time, we have revised THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS, which includes the addition of 13 brand new documents—along with the expansion of several existing documents (and also including a brand new beautiful front cover)—bringing the total number of full-size pages to 212. That's over 40 pages more than the original FREEDOM DOCUMENTS.

    I am truly excited about this brand new edition of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. The documents we have added make this volume an almost perfect compilation of the most important documents of liberty and constitutional government ever produced.

    Here is the list of the documents we have added:

    *The Earliest Formal Protest Against Slavery—February 18, 1688

    *New York Sons Of Liberty Resolutions On Tea—November 29, 1773

    *1774 Articles Of Association—October 20, 1774

    *Dr. Joseph Warren’s Account Of The Battle Of Lexington—April 26, 1775

    *Of Monarchy And Hereditary Succession, From “Common Sense,” By Thomas Paine—February 14, 1776

    *Richard Henry Lee’s Resolution For Independence—June 7, 1776

    *The Kentucky And Virginia Resolutions Of 1798—November 16, 1798 and December 24, 1798

    *Andrew Jackson’s Veto Of The Bank Bill—July 10, 1832

    *Declaration Of The People Of Texas—November 7, 1835

    *General “Stonewall” Jackson’s “You Are The First Brigade” Speech—November 4, 1861

    *Grover Cleveland’s First Inaugural Address—March 4, 1885

    *Abortion And The Conscience Of The Nation, By Ronald Reagan—February 3, 1983

    *Ron Paul’s Farewell To Congress—November 14, 2012

    Of course, documents such as The Mayflower Compact, The First Thanksgiving Proclamation, the complete text of Patrick Henry’s immortal “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death” speech, The Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms, The Northwest Ordinance of 1787, George Washington’s Farewell Address, etc., are still included in the giant compilation.

    The poem about Paul Revere’s ride and the letter written from within the Alamo by William Barret Travis to the people of Texas remain in the book, along with, of course, the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights. We have also expanded the number of letters written between John and Abigail Adams and the prayers of George Washington—along with several other documents.

    The new and revised FREEDOM DOCUMENTS also includes all new introductions. The introductions by themselves are a great history lesson.

    THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS is still assembled with a ring spine for easy copying.

    Now, more than ever, these historic documents contain the Spirit and Pride of America.

    This unique compilation of America's greatest documents is available nowhere else that we know of. It is an excellent resource for high school and college students—as well as homeschoolers. Pastors, teachers, attorneys, and judges have purchased THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS with extreme satisfaction. The Tennessee State Supreme Court also ordered several copies of the original FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. I believe you will be just as pleased as they are with this wonderful compilation of American documents.

    You can have these great documents at your fingertips in one beautifully bound, easy-to-read format. These are the documents that gave birth to the greatest free nation on earth. Again, nowhere else that we know of can you find these documents complete in one volume under one title. This compilation of documents is available only here; and our supply is very limited and will not last long.


    More than ever, this volume is must-reading for every American patriot. For the price of two or three Chicago pizzas or one family night at the movies, you can have the great documents of American history delivered to your door.

    The price is $38 for a single copy or $28 each if you purchase two or more, plus $6 shipping for each book. Example: if you order two books, the total price is $68 ($28x2=$56 plus $6x2=$12 shipping, for a total of $68). The shipping costs quoted are only available for domestic orders; international rates vary.

    Simply mail your check or money order to:

    Chuck Baldwin Live
    P.O. Box 10
    Kila, MT 59920

    We also take credit cards. Obviously, this is the fastest way to obtain your copy of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. To order by credit card online or to learn more about THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS, go to:


    Former Constitution Party presidential candidate, the late Howard Phillips, said, “THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS is must-reading for every American. It is essential that this volume be placed in every home in the country. I read my copy daily. We require our homeschooled children to study THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS.”

    Here are some other personal testimonials of people who have purchased THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS:

    “I’m ordering one for me and one for our local library.”
    GP, Kaunakakai, HI

    “I really appreciate Chuck for putting this together!! I'm sending copies to my two different sets of homeschooled grandchildren.”
    DH, Lewisville, Texas

    “I’m looking forward to sending one of these to each of our seven children.”
    JN, Post Falls, Idaho

    “Thank you for putting this together. Should be required reading for all high school students. We can't wait to get it!”
    CB, Laurinburg, North Carolina

    “I’ve been stressing the importance of our Constitution and Bill of Rights to my children and this is a treasured gift that's worth more than money can buy.”
    BT, Granbury, Texas

    “I have just started homeschooling my 12-year-old and this is a perfect resource!”
    SM, Redlands, California

    “Thank You for putting this awesome collection of historic documents together.”
    CB, Pendleton, Indiana

    “Thank you, Dr. Baldwin, for compiling this fantastic collection of documents. I have purchased copies for our children, copies for our closest friends and copies for the children of our closest friends. Again, thank you!  Besides the Bible, this is the best book I have read in a long time.”
    RK, Austin, Texas

    “I ordered several last year and gave as Christmas gifts. THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS are amazing! Thank you!”
    DW, Smithfield, Kentucky

    “You will be most happy to know that this morning THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS arrived. I went into raptures. I cherish my FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. Thank you, Pastor Chuck, for getting it into one binding and making it possible to hold such priceless documents for what is really a frugal price.”
    John, Queensland, Australia

    “We bought your FREEDOM DOCUMENTS and gave them away as presents to our children and others. They are great and it is wonderful to have them all in one volume. They will be used to teach our children from kindergarten through twelfth grade and beyond.”
    MS, Hillsdale, Michigan

    “I have begun reading through my copy of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. I must admit, I was somewhat skeptical of the price before purchase, but now that I am reading it, I understand what a bargain it is! Priceless!”
    KT, Massachusetts

    “THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS could save our country, if we can get enough people to order it.”
    WS, Mansfield, Texas

    “I just wanted to say that I received my order and they are great! This is by far the best collection I have seen. I am a disabled Vet and would like to order 5 more to send to my children.”
    GB, Oakhurst, Oklahoma

    “Good job. I’ll give my extra copy to my old high school.”
    RM, Fargo, North Dakota

    “I am a deacon in our church and hope to use these books as teaching aids. Please send four copies.”
    SO, Ocala, Florida

    I believe you will be just as pleased to receive your copy of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS as were these folks.

    Again, here is the link to order THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS:


    Notice how many people are ordering THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS for their children and grandchildren. This is for good reason. We know the public schools stopped educating students regarding real American history decades ago. And, sadly, most private, parochial, and Christian schools do not teach much U.S. history either—especially when it comes to the content of these great documents. The unfortunate reality is, if most young people do not obtain THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS, they will grow into adulthood having never read the vast majority of these wonderful historical documents. I remember being required to study some of these great documents in public school when I was a youngster. But those days are long gone.

    More than one person has told me that once they started reading THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS, they could not stop. They have told me that as they read these great documents, the feeling of national pride swelled in their hearts like never before. These documents will truly inspire (or re-inspire) the great feeling of American patriotism like little else will. And why not? These are the documents that came from the minds and hearts of the great men and women who birthed and built this wonderful country. I am sure that the Spirit of ’76 will swell in your heart, too, as you read THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS.

    Remember, this is a special, limited Christmas printing and will not last long. Plus, a delay in ordering may result in the books not arriving before Christmas. So, order now!

    One more time, here is the link to learn more about or to order the VERY FIRST PRINTING OF THE FIRST-EVER NEW AND REVISED FREEDOM DOCUMENTS:


    P.S. The first 100 people who purchase this first printing of the new and revised FREEDOM DOCUMENTS will receive my personal autograph on a presentation page showing the exact sequential number of the book you purchased. The number that appears will be in the order we receive your payment. Obviously, credit card payments are the fastest way to place your order.

    So, order quickly!


    © Chuck Baldwin


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