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    What Is Wrong With Hillary?

    Published: Thursday, September 15, 2016

    What in the world is wrong with Hillary Clinton? Besides her criminal activities and her warmongering, socialist, gun-grabbing politics, I mean. She collapses; has fainting spells; refuses to do press conferences; bobbles her head back and forth like a plastic, well, bobblehead; goes into weird, wide-eyed, out-of-control facial contortions; has constant coughing fits; and is escorted by physicians everywhere she goes. What gives?

    After her blackout last Sunday, her campaign office said Hillary is suffering from pneumonia. The problem is that pneumonia does not come close to explaining all of the disturbing symptoms that the American people have been watching Hillary exhibit. And this is not to mention the fact that it is hard to imagine anyone in politics more unlikely to tell the truth than Hillary Clinton--except for maybe Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush, Barack Obama, John McCain, Al Gore, Lindsey Graham, Dick Cheney, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Newt Gingrich, Ted Cruz--oh well, skip that point.

    According to confirmed reports, here is what we know about Hillary’s health so far (this column being written before Hillary’s campaign released more of her health information on Wednesday, September 14):

    *Hillary Clinton suffered her first blood clot in 1998 while she was First Lady and experienced a second incident in 2009.

    *In 2012, she was given blood thinners for a venous thrombosis of her right transverse sinus, which drains blood from the brain. This occurred some two weeks after falling and suffering a concussion. (By her own admission, Hillary could not remember security briefings, etc., regarding her email leaks. She attributed this memory loss to her concussion.) Her venous thrombosis was found on a CT brain scan. Typical symptoms of a venous thrombosis of the transverse sinus include headaches, strokes, and seizures. (Several reports have noted Hilary has suffered from blinding headaches for years, which tends to explain her often wearing dark glasses.)

    *She has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

    *She broke her elbow from a fall.

    *She collapsed when she left a 9/11 ceremony this past Sunday. Her office said she has pneumonia.

    A diagnosis of venous thrombosis of her right transverse sinus might help explain the blackouts, severe head-bobbling, wild-eyed facial contortions, coughing spells, etc. On the other hand, if she has completely recovered from the 2012 diagnosis (about 57% of such patients do), her current symptoms stem from something else altogether.

    I’ve heard some physicians speculate that Hillary might also be suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Medications prescribed for Parkinson’s Disease could also cause some of the symptoms we are seeing with Hillary.

    The BIG question is: Are Hillary’s health problems serious enough to disqualify her from being President of the United States?

    And I suppose the next biggest question is: If her health problems ARE serious enough to disqualify her from holding the office of President, would anyone bother to tell the American people?

    For all intents and purposes, the mainstream media has been running Hillary’s presidential campaign from Day One. They have been talking for her, apologizing for her, promoting her, downplaying her physical liabilities--even covering up those liabilities. Mainstream journalists, news anchors, reporters, etc., are more than Clinton lackeys; they function as her campaign team. So, unless Hillary’s health deteriorates to the point that it absolutely cannot be disguised any longer, the media will NEVER reveal just how sick Hillary might be.

    Obviously, the DNC and Democratic leadership in Washington, D.C., will never tell the American people the truth about Clinton’s health--unless, again, it becomes impossible to hide it any longer. So, unless her condition worsens to the point that she loses motor skills, verbal skills, or cannot stand upright, Hillary Clinton will be portrayed as being in “perfect health.”

    But obviously something seems VERY WRONG with Hillary Clinton. And the American people are starting to notice.

    Hillary’s poll numbers have plummeted from having a double-digit lead to now actually trailing Donald Trump. And the Clinton campaign knows that whichever candidate has the most momentum going into the election will win. And right now, Trump has ALL of the momentum.

    It is no hyperbole to say that the DNC is worried. And for good reason. They have a candidate that is soiled from so many scandals it would be impossible to even name them all. She is disliked--even by people who plan to vote for her. Special interest groups favorable to the Democrat Party, such as radical feminists, are also down on Hillary, rightly blaming her for facilitating her husband Bill’s flagrant and perpetual abuse of women. She is speaking to crowds so small they could fit into a phone booth--remember those?

    The only people who are publicly promoting Hillary right now are Party partisans, the sycophantic mainstream media, and the deviant-oriented Hollywood and entertainment crowds. Add a coughing, head-bobbling, stumbling, fainting, wild-eyed, face-contorting cartoon character to the mix, and Democrats have a VERY GOOD REASON to be worried.

    I guess the next big question, then, is: What are they going to do about it? The options seem pretty simple:

    1) They continue to do what they’ve been doing and keep Hillary out of the public eye as much as possible and let the media keep campaigning for her.

    The problem with that strategy is the American people now notice Hillary’s health issues. The more the campaign tries to keep Hillary isolated and insulated, the more the American people will suspect that Hillary’s health is too problematic for her to be elected, and her poll numbers will plummet even further. But if Hillary’s health is as bad as some are suggesting, it will be impossible for her to function normally in the super-stress environment of a presidential campaign.

    Then there are the presidential debates looming on the horizon. The campaign will not be able to shield Hillary from those appearances. And she will have no one standing next to her if she starts to fall down--and no doctor right beside her with a syringe in his hand containing whatever drug he’s using to quickly poke into her body in order to keep her lucid.

    If Hillary’s health is truly not a serious issue, she should be able to continue her campaign normally. She will speak at all the rallies, hold press conferences, deal with the flashing lights from photographers, remain steady in the face of protesters and agitators, work with little sleep, take tough questions, etc.

    But if Hillary’s health truly IS a serious issue, then the campaign will be forced to continue the current plan: keep Hillary out of the public eye as much as possible (except in VERY controlled environments) or risk letting Hillary try to fake her way through her illness (whatever it really is) and hope she doesn’t come apart.

    Or, the other option would be:

    2) They pull the plug and replace Hillary Clinton as the Democrat Party’s candidate for President.

    If they choose this option, they must do so rather quickly. A couple more weeks or so, and it will be too late. And if they do choose this option, the question becomes: Who would they pick to replace Hillary?

    Conventional wisdom would say that the mantle automatically falls to Tim Kaine. After all, he is the Party’s current nominee for Vice President. But that’s taking quite a risk.

    Kaine is a liberal’s liberal. He is probably further to the left than Hillary (if that’s possible). Furthermore, he is a committed globalist, a total lackey for people like George Soros. A sizeable percentage of the Bernie Sanders supporters are already determined to not vote for Hillary due to her overt cronyism with the globalist and corporate elite. And these people would recognize Kaine to be even deeper in the globalists’ pockets than Clinton. Kaine would be a fresh face to the general population, but his political appeal is only to the extreme left. Hillary’s choice of Kaine was similar to John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin. Both Clinton and McCain chose a VP to try to bolster their respective bases. But to try to sell Kaine to the general public is quite a gamble.

    Then there is Joe Biden.

    Many months ago, I predicted that the Democrats would dump Hillary for Biden. But, of course, my predictions don’t always materialize. However, this one might.

    Don’t let Joe Biden fool you. He comes across as a kind of country bumpkin, but that is just a front. He is one of the smartest politicians in Washington. He has the charm and charisma of a Bill Clinton, the wit and humor of a Ronald Reagan, and the intelligence of a John Kennedy--ok, that might be going too far. But if you think Joe Biden would not square off formidably against Donald Trump, you are very mistaken. And from a strictly entertainment point of view, a Trump/Biden debate would be a hoot.

    In my opinion, if the Democrats were smart, they would dump Hillary soon and pick Biden. As the sitting Vice President, he should easily be able to solidify the Party--including the Sanders people--and his disarming, whimsical manner would be a quick sell to a mostly distracted and shallow American public.

    But make no mistake about it: should the Democrat candidate--be it Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, or Joe Biden--be elected President, it will be little more than Barack Obama’s third term. Then again, Barack Obama’s terms were little more than G.W. Bush’s, and Bush’s terms were little more than Bill Clinton’s, and Clinton’s terms were little more than G.H.W. Bush’s--especially in matters pertaining to foreign policy. Each of these presidents was a toady for the globalist elite. Nothing more!

    Right now, however, something seems mighty wrong with Hillary’s health. But the Trump campaign should be hoping that the Democrats stick with her, because I think whatever is wrong with Hillary will continue to negatively impact her campaign, and all that does is help Donald Trump win the election.

    What a Donald Trump victory would bring to the table is the subject for another column. In the meantime, what in the world is wrong with Hillary? Even if nobody honestly tells us, the remaining weeks of this presidential campaign will tell us all we need to know.

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