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    Ted Cruz Wins Iowa: What It Means

    Published: Thursday, February 4, 2016

    A Ted Cruz victory in Iowa was not surprising. Not at all. Typically, the Republican presidential candidate that can "Out Christian" the rest of the field wins in Iowa. And Cruz is the best at doing that since G.W. Bush that I’ve seen. But unlike Bush, Cruz will NOT be the Republican nominee. Count on it. And I, for one, am glad he won’t be.


    The Cruz victory has got to be seen as a slap in the face for Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell, Jr., who personally campaigned in Iowa for Donald Trump. As much as I like Jerry, Jr., he is not his dad and will never be able to galvanize Christian conservatives like Jerry, Sr., did. The once powerful Religious Right passed with Jerry Falwell, Sr.


    Faithful readers of this column know that I have already expressed my feelings that Cruz cannot be trusted to be faithful to the Constitution--especially in matters that pertain to the Warfare State and the Police State. His ties to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Goldman Sachs cannot be taken lightly. Birds of a feather still flock together. His staff is littered with New World Order fellow travelers. You are reading one Christian writer who would FAR rather vote for an unbeliever that will preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States than vote for a believer who will NOT preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. And there is nothing about Ted Cruz that convinces me he would be faithful to the Constitution--his Christian rhetoric notwithstanding.


    Plus, of all of the GOP presidential candidates, Ted Cruz is probably the deepest in the pocket of the Israeli lobby--not that the rest of them aren't also. However, I still maintain that Rand Paul is the LEAST obligated to the Israeli lobby of all of them. (Rand Paul also demonstrates more fidelity to the Constitution than the rest of the field put together. And now that Rand has pulled out of the race, there really isn’t a constitutionally literate contender left.)  Unlike many of my Christian brethren, I am convinced that the Zionists in Israel and America are a major destructive force to liberty and a direct threat to the Biblical, Natural Law principles upon which the United States was founded. The more allegiance a U.S. politician has to Zionism, the more harmful he or she is to America. Put Ted Cruz at the top of the list.


    Obviously, this primary season has just begun, and an Iowa victory portends very little for things to come. This could wind up being a very interesting and unusual election season. Let your mind ruminate over some of these possible scenarios:


    1. The GOP has a brokered convention, and establishment insiders pick Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio.


    This is a distinct possibility. The establishment is going all out to defeat Donald Trump, but his momentum is significant. It is very feasible that no candidate will have mustered the necessary delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot. If that happens, you can be sure that the establishment knows how to manipulate the convention to ensure that an insider wins. The two candidates who fit that bill the best are Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Rush Limbaugh is revealing his establishment loyalties by saying (with a straight face even) that Rubio is NOT an establishment candidate. But he is.


    If this scenario becomes reality, a host of the Trump/Cruz/Carson/Paul supporters would abandon the GOP in November like rats off of the proverbial sinking ship. Then again, the GOP establishment would rather burn the house down than let a principled conservative win, as they are much more closely aligned with liberal Democrats than they are conservative Republicans.


    2. Donald Trump sees the GOP establishment rigging primaries to defeat him and decides to run as an Independent.


    I realize Trump signed a pledge that he would not bolt the GOP, but everyone knows that Trump is still holding that ace up his sleeve. Of course, many people know that Trump has had a long-standing personal friendship with the Clintons, and they fear he is playing the system to ensure a Hillary victory. That’s speculation, of course. But given that Trump talks and acts “from the hip” (assuming he is NOT a Hillary mole), his loyalty to his pledge will surely be tested, as the GOP establishment will do everything it can do to stack the deck against him. As the primaries (and passions) heat up, Trump is indeed the loose cannon in the field that could do just about anything--including jumping ship and running as an Independent.


    3. Hillary is indicted or begins losing significantly to Bernie Sanders, and Democrats scramble to bring another insider (like Joe Biden) into the race.


    Officials in Iowa are saying Hillary defeated party rival Bernie Sanders by the skin of her teeth. Plus, everyone is aware that some of those local victories were determined by coin tosses. The Democratic machine gave Hillary the win in Iowa and everyone knows it.


    The Clinton camp has got to be worried after the embarrassing “victory” in Iowa. Sanders’ support is growing, while Clinton’s support is waning. The party machine is going to have to work around the clock to keep her afloat. But if Sanders begins to pull away from Hillary, her establishment buddies will turn on her like a pack of wolves on a bleeding lobo. Indictments are still hanging out there, and if it becomes obvious that Hillary isn’t winning primaries by landslide margins, watch the insiders throw her to the wolves and enlist another insider such as Joe Biden. Such an event would upset the applecart BIG TIME. And don’t forget that the former Democratic senator from Virginia and true war hero who served in the Reagan cabinet, Jim Webb, is waiting in the wings for just the right opportunity to enter the race. Wow! The possibilities are almost endless.


    Obviously, Bernie Sanders is to the Democrats what Donald Trump is to the Republicans: a major thorn in the side.


    4. Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg enters the race as an Independent--bringing with him $1 billion to spend. Or, Democrats tap Bloomberg if they abandon Clinton.


    Bloomberg is another loose cannon that could shake things up this year. No doubt about that. But a billion dollars or no billion dollars, Bloomberg is mostly a one-string banjo. The only thing he is passionate about is disarming the American people. And while Clinton and Sanders might be just as bad on the Second Amendment, Bloomberg’s fanaticism on the issue would drive away virtually all of the gun owners in the country--including Democrats and Independents. The fact is, the mood of the country is more favorable toward the Second Amendment now than at any time in recent memory, which is why the Democratic Party will probably ignore Bloomberg.


    But two independent billionaires in the general election (if it came to that)--one an ultra-liberal and the other a tough-talking “conservative”--would definitely shake things up. No doubt about it. Imagine (we are just ruminating here) a four-man race that includes the two major party candidates and two independent billionaires. And if it does become a four-man race between the above-mentioned people, can you imagine what would happen if Ron Paul suddenly decided to jump back in the race? Ron is still as sharp as a tack and more fit than many men half his age.


    The last time anything remotely resembling the above happened was in 1860. And you know what happened the year after that.


    And personally, I see regional separation (no, it would not have to be bloody--and I highly doubt that it would be) as a good thing, not as a bad thing. In fact, I think it is inevitable. It’s not a matter of “if.” It’s only a matter of “when.” But I digress.


    Suffice it to say, folks, this is shaping up to be the most unusual and unpredictable election season in my lifetime--maybe since that election back in 1860. Hold on!



    P.S. Recent events have graphically illustrated the need for the American citizenry to have an educated and informed understanding of the laws and protocols--as well as our rights and duties--when placed in contact with police officers. Sadly, most Americans are totally unprepared to deal with even “routine” traffic stops. Violent interactions between police officers and citizens are escalating. Sometimes the blame lies with law enforcement, and sometimes the blame lies with the citizen. Knowing how to respond to a police contact has never been more important.


    My attorney son (a former prosecutor and now defense attorney) recently delivered an address to the folks at Liberty Fellowship in Kalispell, Montana, entitled “Police Contact: How To Respond.” I believe EVERY citizen in the country needs to watch this video. It might even save some lives. I encourage readers to order at least two: one for themselves and one for a friend.


    To order the video presentation, “Police Contact: How To Respond,” go here:


    Police Contact: How To Respond DVD

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