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    Rootin’ For Putin

    Published: Thursday, December 3, 2015

    I’ll say it straight out: Russia’s Vladimir Putin is the only one fighting a Just War in the Middle East right now. The United States, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel are fighting ongoing wars of aggression and are committing egregious acts of terrorism--and as such their leaders should be regarded as international criminals.


    Indeed, Putin is demonstrating remarkable calm and patience. A lesser leader with hundreds of ICBMs at his disposal would have already taken the world into war. The U.S. and NATO have been doing everything they can to push Putin into war, but Putin is as cool as a cucumber. Putin’s cool head is almost superhuman. But anyone who thinks Putin is a pushover is a fool. Rightly did one Democrat congresswoman warn that Obama’s reckless military actions in the Middle East could lead to nuclear war with Russia.

    See the report:

    House Dem: Obama Could Cause ‘Devastating Nuclear War’ With Russia

    With the departure of Ron Paul from Congress, it could be argued that America has no statesman left in Washington, D.C. It appears that the only national leader who currently fills that bill is Vladimir Putin.


    See this report:


    Putin 'Only Real Statesman Left In Anti-ISIL War – Rest Are Chamberlains'


    Make no mistake about it: Turkey didn’t shoot down two Russian military aircraft and kill a helpless captured pilot on its own. Turkey is a member of NATO and as such doesn’t blow its nose (militarily speaking) without the approbation of Washington, D.C. Regardless, such an act by Turkey is defined as a “war crime” in anybody’s lexicon.


    Furthermore, in a sublime gesture of goodwill and international cooperation, President Putin has been providing flight plans for its attacks against ISIS to Washington. Therefore, the ONLY WAY Turkey could have known about the presence of a Russian SU-24 fighter jet coming near Turkish airspace at the precise moment of the shoot-down was because Washington alerted Turkey in advance. President Putin absolutely knows this is the case and has said so publicly.


    See this report:


    Vladimir Putin: U.S. Implicated In Turkish Jet Downing


    Turkey was all too willing to accommodate Washington’s war crimes against Russia, as Putin’s war on ISIS is starting to have a significant impact on ISIS’s oil shipments to Turkey (and from there to Israel)--which is one of the reasons why Turkey has been assisting the Islamic terrorists.


    Researcher Joel Skousen writes, “There is evidence to back up Putin’s statement that Turkey is an accomplice of terrorists. The UK Guardian has the story about how Turkey has been marketing stolen oil from ISIS to fund their operations and bribe fighters to join.”


    Also read this report:


    Turkey Refines And Sells Stolen Syrian And Iraqi Oil For ISIS


    Skousen goes on to report: “Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan have not been targeted by ISIS because they are supporting it with clandestine training, arms and funds.”


    Skousen continues by quoting RT’s John Wright as reporting, “We are starting to uncover those who speak the language of anti-terrorism while in practice working to facilitate and support it. Turkey is a key culprit in this regard. A murky relationship has long existed between Ankara, ISIS, al Nusra, and other jihadi groups operating in Syria. Indeed, on the most basic level, without their ability to pass back and forth across the Turkish border at will, those groups could not have operated as easily and effectively as they had until Russia intervened.


    “However, according to a report by David L. Phillips of Columbia University, Turkey’s support for extremist groups operating in Syria, including ISIS has been even more extensive than previously thought. Drawing on a wide variety of sources, Phillips reveals that the Turkish government, a member of NATO and a key Western ally, has been involved in helping ISIS with recruitment, training, and has provided it with intelligence and safe havens and sanctuary [emphasis in original]. Most recently it has been exposed as a major customer for stolen Syrian oil, supplied by the terrorist group.”


    Contrary to the insane ramblings of war-mad senators such as Lindsey Graham and John McCain, the vast majority of the people in Syria SUPPORT President Assad. The only ones who are trying to depose him are the governments of the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey--who created ISIS for that very purpose. Now, Vladimir Putin is putting a huge monkey wrench in those plans. Putin is also showing the world that the West’s “war” on ISIS is totally phony.


    Even Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, bluntly stated that G.W. Bush and Barack Obama’s wars in the Middle East helped to create ISIS.


    See the report here:


    Former Military Chief Rips Bush, Obama: Iraq War Helped Create Islamic State


    A recent report in Christian Today further shines the light of truth on the real situation in Syria:


    “The world leader of Syria’s besieged Christians has issued a heartfelt plea to the West to ‘stop arming and supporting terrorist groups that are destroying our countries and massacring our people.’


    “The Patriarch of Antioch, Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, said he was not asking the West for military intervention to defend Christians.


    “‘If the West wants to do something about the present crisis, the most effective thing would be to support local governments, which need sufficient armies and forces to maintain security and defend respective populations against attacks.


    “‘State institutions need to be strengthened and stabilised. Instead, what we see is their forced dismemberment being fueled from the outside,’ he told Vatican insider.


    “‘Throughout its journey through history the Church has also been a suffering Church,’ he added. Speaking in the days after meeting the Pope in Rome, he had just returned from Qamishli, his home town, where he met thousands of new Christian refugees who fled after Islamic State jihadists attacked Hassake, in Jazira province.


    “Along with bishops of his church he recently had talks with President Assad of Syria. ‘President Assad urged us to do everything in our hands to prevent Christians from leaving Syria. “I know you are suffering,” he said, “but please don’t leave this land, which has been your home for thousands of years, even before Islam came.” He said Christians will also be needed when the time comes to rebuild this devastated country.’


    “He said the majority of Syrian citizens support Assad’s government and have always supported it.


    “‘We recognize legitimate rulers and pray for them, as the New Testament teaches us. We also see that on the other side there is no democratic opposition, only extremist groups. Above all, we see that in the past few years, these groups have been basing their actions on an ideology that comes from the outside, brought here by preachers of hatred who have come from and are backed by Saudi Arabia,  Qatar, and Egypt. These groups receive arms through Turkey, too.’


    He said the Islamic State was not the Islam that Syrians have learned about and lived alongside for hundreds of years. [emphases added] ‘There are forces that fuel it with arms and money because it is useful. But all this also draws on a perverse religious ideology that claims to be inspired by the Koran.’”


    See the report:


    Syrian Christian Leader Tells West: 'Stop Arming Terror Groups Who Are Massacring Our People'


    When will the American people escape this neocon-globalist matrix that is nothing but a phantom creation of the U.S. government and its toadies in the mainstream media? When will America’s pastors start arming their churches with the truth instead of joining the Pied Pipers of global war and destruction? When will America’s Christians lay down their hatred for the Muslim people and pick up the “gospel of peace”?


    In reality, Hispanic drug gangs such as MS-13 have beheaded many times more people than modern Islamic jihadists and are much more sadistic and grotesque in their killings than ISIS.


    See this report:


    The Street Gangs More Vicious Than ISIS


    Why don’t we see these images on national television? Why aren’t our good Christian pastors foaming at the mouth against these killers? I’ll tell you why: they haven’t been whipped into an anti-Hispanic gang war-fever by the mainstream media. Plus, there’s no religious bigotry there that the neocons can channel into a war-fever.


    Instead of hating the Muslim people, we should be blaming the true purveyors of war and destruction: the New World Order globalists and neocons in Washington, D.C.


    “The best academic estimates on the number of civilians killed in the illegal U.S.-led wars on the Iraqi, Afghani and Pakistani peoples amount to at least 1.5 million as a direct result of Western military action of one form or another [emphasis in original]. Several million more deaths can be added when indirect deaths are included. At least 20 million more have been displaced from their homes.”


    See the report here:


    US Kills 1.5 Million In 'War On Terror' - Then Lies About '30 Civilian Casualties' In Russian Airstrikes


    It is the neocon-globalists that created the jihadist terror groups ISIS and al Nusra, that continue to fuel the fires of terrorism, that create the immigration crisis with more than 5 million refugees that have flooded Europe and that is seeping into America, and that have turned the people of the United States (including, and maybe especially, Christians) over to a spirit of hatred and fear.


    The stark truth is, the only national leader of any stature who is showing true statesmanship, calmness, and who is resisting the globalist New World Order right now seems to be Vladimir Putin.


    As incredible as it is, when I’m forced to look closely at what the international gangsters Barack Obama, David Cameron, Benjamin Netanyahu, King Salman, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan are doing in the Middle East--and given the fact that the Russian president is the only leader that is truly at war with ISIS--like Donald Trump, I can only find myself rootin’ for Putin.



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    © Chuck Baldwin

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