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    FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE: A Must-Read Book

    Published: Friday, June 4, 2010

    My son, Tim Baldwin, is a constitutional attorney and historian. And now, after reading his just-released book, FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE, I learned something else about him: he is quite the scholar. I dare say his new book, FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE, rivals any great textbook of law and history written during the last hundred years. And I am not saying that because he is my son. I am saying that because it is the truth.

    Tim’s book is not for pussyfooters. It is not a book designed for light, casual reading. The book, FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE, is an in-depth and exhaustive manual of American law and history (of over 500 pages) that should be read by every serious lover of liberty–especially those who call themselves Christians! The footnotes, alone, would make for a greater-than-average-size book and are chock-full of historical quotations and references.

    Recommending the book, FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE, are best-selling author Jerome Corsi (“The Late Great USA” and “The Obama Nation,” etc.) and retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, author (“God & Caesar” and “Christianity and the Constitution,” etc.), and professor of constitutional law at Thomas Goode Jones School of Law in Montgomery, Alabama, John Eidsmoe. Retired Air Force Brigadier General Charles E. Jones III penned the book’s foreword.

    Dr. Corsi said this about Tim’s book: “FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE is a must read for any American who wants to see a restoration and revival of freedom. Timothy Baldwin’s research and exposition of the principles of freedom come straight from the sources that America’s founding fathers read and used. It is certainly time that America experiences this FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE!”

    Colonel Eidsmoe said, “FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE stands out among other books because of Baldwin’s meticulous research, quotation, and documentation from the founding fathers’ own writings, and from the sources they studied–Blackstone, Montesquieu, Locke, Grotius, Sidney, and above all, the Bible. Baldwin interacts with these sources and contrasts the original understanding of government with the usurpations of government officials today. Baldwin’s analysis is clear, comprehensive, and convincing. To understand where America went wrong and what we Americans can do about it, FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE is vital reading!”

    From the foreword, General Jones writes, “Author Timothy Baldwin studiously wrote FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE with great wisdom, understanding, and insight as he developed and expounded a complete and comprehensive picture of what made America free and what it will take to keep it free. FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE is a necessary read for all politicians, constitutional scholars, and freedom-first citizens.”

    General Jones also wrote, “When the contents of FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE are digested and applied, they will undoubtedly play a large part in the recovery of our once great republic.”

    Tim superbly reveals how America’s Founding Fathers weaved the principles of the natural and revealed laws of God into the very foundation and fabric of our nation’s formation. His research into the writings and public statements of America’s founders is masterful! After reading Tim’s book, no honest, objective reader–Christian or not–will be able to refute the facts and documentation proving America’s founding as a nation of “free and independent states” under the natural and revealed laws of God.

    The 4th chapter of FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE, alone, is worth the price of the book. The chapter is titled “Understanding Government.” Tim rightly expounds upon the truism that one cannot rightly understand the nature of government who does not understand the nature of man or the nature of God. He brilliantly proves that America’s founders clearly understood all of the above and predicated our Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, and Bill of Rights upon this sagacious understanding. He meticulously unveils the principles of life, self-preservation and defense, reason, knowledge, freedom, and peace. He delves deeply into the propensity of government to oppress and enslave. And he spares no space in demonstrating the importance of understanding the nature of God in the formation and perpetuation of good government–something the vast majority of scholars and historians overlook.

    Chapter 7, entitled “Government’s Purpose,” chapter 9, entitled “Government Administrators: Their Qualifications,” and chapter 10, entitled “Government Administrators: Their Limits,” are also crucial to understanding the principles that preserve and maintain liberty.

    Christians, especially, will find Tim’s in-depth analysis of the Biblical teaching found in Romans 13 regarding submission to governmental authority extremely enlightening. If for no other reason, every pastor and Christian in America should read FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE in order to gain a true, Biblical understanding of this vitally important subject. In this regard, chapter 12, entitled “Submission To Government,” is, without question, the very best analysis of the subject that I have ever read–bar none! Oh! How I wish every pastor in America would read this chapter!

    Chapter 13, entitled “Resistance to Unlawful Government,” is also worth the price of the book. It is the concluding chapter before four Appendixes that include the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and two chapters written by Tim’s dad (me), which chronicle a burgeoning New World Order currently underway.

    Here are the 13 chapter titles:

    1. The Starting Point: The Thought Process
    2. The Foundation: Natural and Revealed Laws
    3. Responsibilities Derived from Natural and Revealed Laws
    4. Understanding Government
    5. Government Formation
    6. Government Administrators: Of, By, and For the People
    7. Government’s Purpose
    8. Government’s Administration
    9. Government Administrators: Their Qualifications
    10. Government Administrators: Their Limits
    11. Ordination of Government
    12. Submission to Government
    13. Resistance to Unlawful Government

    Tim’s book, FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE, may be obtained by going to Here is the TinyURL:

    I urge everyone reading this column to immediately purchase Tim Baldwin’s phenomenally researched book of American history entitled FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE. Without a doubt, after reading it, you will be the one who is changed.

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