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    Published: Tuesday, November 17, 2015


    How Globalization is Forcing the World into Chaos

    by James Jaeger


    When the brain-dead Globalist, Bush II, invaded Iraq with the U.S. Empire's debt-financed military, he set off a chain reaction that has resulted in the current Paris attacks.  In other words, ISIS is an unwanted consequence of the U.S. Global Empire.  As the CIA would term it, the "terrorism" we are seeing is "blowback" to the Empire's globalization project.

    Before one can understand the current attacks in Paris and wars all over the Middle East, they must fully understand the concept of "globalization".

    Globalization is the act of exploiting current technology in markets around the world.  It differs from "innovation" in that globalization makes little attempt to innovate NEW or BETTER products and spread THEM around the world.  The corporations that practice "globalization" are not interested in making new or better products, they are mainly interested in selling MORE of their existing products to MORE markets.  Globalization is thus about QUANTITY, not QUALITY.  This is the profit-motive at its most barbaric level.  Technology not used to IMPROVE products (innovation) but  technology is used only to make products CHEAPER.  The cheaper a product is to manufacture, the more profit it will bring in the market place.  The more markets the cheaper product can be sold in, the more profit the corporations can generate for their stockholders and executives.  This is the process of globalization: manufacturing as many cheap products as possible and selling them to everyone on the globe for as much money as possible.

    But what does this have to do with the attacks in Paris, brain-dead, Bush-like mentalities will ask?

    In order for the corporations to proceed with their process of "globalization," it is necessary for them to literally force themselves into as many of the 196 countries in the world as possible.  Sometimes/often the countries in the world do not like or want Western products sold to their populations.  For instance, Islamic countries that tend to value religion and spiritual pursuits more than material wealth and profits do not want certain products or influences in their countries.  Thus, when a U.S., or another Western corporation, comes onto their lands to sell them cell phones and dildos, they are not interested.  When a Western country comes onto their land to obtain their oil reserves so that plastic cell phones and dildos can be manufactured in increasing quantities, they are not interested.

    But the profit-driven Globalist, like the rapist, does not understand the word "no."  Instead of leaving such countries alone -- instead of leaving the entire Middle East alone to their religion, camels and deserts -- the Globalist enlists his buddies with weapons to help him out.

    His first calls go out to the LAWYERS in Washington DC on K-Street.  The conversations go like this: "Our corporation has made billions selling cell phones and dildos to most of the world's existing countries.  Now we want to sell them in Iraq, Iran, Syria and the rest of the Middle East.  Unfortunately these "barbarians" don't want us there selling these things and this is mean to their women.  Thus, we need to have the U.S. military go in and make the area safe for us to expand our market in their lands."

    The K-Street Lawyers are then paid huge sums of money from the Globalist corporation's past profits and, after getting their cut, they engineer a way the money can be "donated" to various corporate insiders. These now become the "candidates" for political office and the lawyers become "lobbyists" who help them get elected.  The candidates then spend whatever money is left from their corporate donors on the "mainstream media" corporations.  Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and the other networks in New York City, thus get an endless flow of cash from the candidates campaigns and what's known as "super PACs."  In return the media corporations BOMB the public with an endless stream of propaganda.  This propaganda is always the same: "the Jews in Israel are our friends and the Muslims in the rest of the Middle East are our barbaric  enemies.  We thus need the U.S. Military to go into the Middle East to protect our "national interests" from these barbaric enemies, aka 'Islamic terrorists.'"  

    Since the public believes everything it sees on TV, stupid citizens vote for every "candidate" the corporate-backed mainstream media presents.  These candidates thus become our congressmen and our presidents -- and the mainstream media declares that it, and the politicians, are "looking after the folks."      

    Now having control over the Congress and police powers of the state, the corporations are able to get laws that support their interests and agenda enacted.  We thus have what's known as "fascism" -- a political system whereby state and corporate power are merged such that corporate power dominates.  Unlike democracy, where WE THE PEOPLE govern, in a fascist state THEY THE CORPORATIONS govern.  This is what the U.S. is today: a corporate fascist state whereby the richest 1% of the people (usually owners the corporations) use the U.S. government and its global military to do whatever they want -- to hell with WE THE PEOPLE and blowback, like the victims of the current mass murder in Paris.

    Over the decades the corporate fascists have dictated that the U.S. Government will place 900 military bases in over 140 countries to police the world.  These "plutocrats" are looking out for people and governments that are hostile to their program of globalization.  If any leader doesn't let them into their country to access oil or resources and/or sell dildos and cell phones, that country is placed on an "enemies list" or its leader is demonized by the mainstream media.  Once on the enemies list, government-paid think tanks and political organizations -- like the Counsel on Foreign Relations -- go to work dreaming up "reasons" why the Empire is "justified" in invading the "enemy-listed" country and/or initiating "regime change."  The brightest evil geniuses that taxpayer and fiat-currency debt can buy are then put to work on the "problem."

    Bush II's evil-genius squad, for instance, came up with the idea that Saddam Hussein has nuclear weapons thus the U.S. Empire was "justified" in invading his country, disbanding his army, murdering millions of his citizens and then assassinating him and the other leaders.  Now that Iraq was "softened up" -- as Pentagon "advisers" like to call it -- the U.S. Empire's corporations were free to move in and "globalize" the country and even use Iraq as a base to expand into other Middle East countries.  Thus the largest "embassy" the world has ever seen was built in Iraq.  Actually the world has hardly seen this base, for the mainstream media never/rarely mentions it.  The mainstream media never mentions ANYTHING that is actually relevant to what they call the "war on terror" -- especially things like massive data-collection complexes in Bluffdale, Utah or the role Israel and oil play in all of this.

    So, when a Global Empire goes into a religious country, murders its leaders and millions of its people in the name of "stockholder value," this tends to piss off the millions of mothers that had their little boys murdered by "shock and awe" campaigns and "pinpoint accurate" drone strikes.  And when a country like Iraq, and neighboring countries, like Syria, won't cooperate with the Globalists -- yet the Globalist keep on bombing, selling, building and accessing oil -- it's only natural that this will spawn an escalation of violence: exactly what war hawks in the U.S. military-industrial complex covertly want.

    So, over the years we have seen the Mojahedin and Taliban, then Al-Qaeda and ISIS aka ISIL -- an endless re-packaging of the "enemy."  Now we have what could be called an "Islamic Diaspora."  Similar to the "Jewish Diaspora," the Islamic Diaspora is homeless Muslims strewn all over the world.  Hundreds of thousands, if not soon-to-be millions, of war-torn, homeless and desperate Muslims are now flooding into Paris and the rest of Europe and the world.  Soon these "refugees" will flood into the United States if the war hawks, rogue politicians in DHS and profit-seekers in the military-industrial complex can engineer it without the lumpin American public becoming wise to what's happening.  This is one of the reasons Donald Trump's strict immigrations policy is being attacked by the DemoPublican Establishment in Washington.

    Bear in mind that many of the people in the Islamic Diaspora, like the European Jews of World War II, have had endless family members murdered by the fascists of Nazi Germany.  Hollywood can't make enough of these movies.  And to this day Jews are pissed off and this is why so many of them seek positions of power rather than carpenters and garbage collectors.  "Never again" is their motto.  Well, given that Jews and Arab Muslims are ancestral brothers (they supposedly came from Abraham's two sons, Isaac and Ishmael), does it not make perfect sense that they would think alike and even copy each other's tactics?  If a Jewish Diaspora, why not an Islamic Diaspora?  If Jewish domination of the American media with gun-saturated movies, why not Islamic domination of media with head-chopping activists?  If a Jewish State, why not an Islamic State?  After all, ISIS does stand for "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria."  And why stop at unifying only one or two states; why not an entire union like the Soviet Union, or the union of the states in America, the U.S. Union, or the current European Union?  Why not the Islamic Union, a confederation of ALL of the countries in the Middle East into one huge superstate, a superstate that has its own religion -- just like the U.S. has Christianity, Israel has Judaism and Europe has Atheism.(1) 

    So, this is what George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of the Neocons in Washington DC, in partnership with their corporate-fascist billionaires have created and unleashed on the American taxpayer: a growing Islamic Superstate with an intelligence/deterrent network all over the world.  By "intelligence/deterrent network" I mean a multi-purpose "sleeper-cell" network similar to the Jewish network (the Jewish Diaspora) as far as intelligence and cooperation but with the added "benefit" that the Islamic Diaspora can also be configured to use deadly force when pressure and/or deterrents are "necessary."  This is "asymmetric warfare" at its "best."  And the way it is played is this: when the Globalists use the U.S. Empire's killing machine to bomb, murder or pressure some country in the Islamic Union, leaders or state actors in that Union (what we call "terrorists" and they call "freedom fighters") will apply the strategy of "guerilla warfare" in an overall campaign known as "asymmetric warfare".  Wickipedia defines asymmetric warfare as follows:

    "Asymmetric warfare is war between belligerents whose relative military power differs significantly, or whose strategy or tactics differ significantly.  This is typically a war between a standing, professional army and an insurgency or resistance movement."

    What this boils down to is this:  the trillions Americans have spent on the Global Military are useless.  A lot of military contracting executives now have nice swimming pools in their back yards, but this Machine is only good for fighting other governments.  Asymmetric warfare requires no vast military with 900 bases in 140 countries.  All it requires is that every time YOU, the American Taxpayer, use YOUR Global Military to bomb a Muslim family who is a member of the Islamic Union, pissed off mothers in that Union will demand that the Islamic Diaspora bomb YOU.  And, just like the mainstream media BOMBS you all day long with propaganda, YOU will now also be BOMBED all day long at your local concert halls, restaurants and golf clubs with high explosives.

    This is how millions, and potentially billions, of irritated, but religious Muslims all over the world will force millions of Christians and Jews to stop trying to sell cell phones and dildos in their countries.

    This is how millions of irritated, but religious Muslims will force the handful of greedy corporate fascists that have taken over the U.S. Government to stop their process of "globalization".

    This is how millions of irritated, but religious Muslims will force the total morons of the planet to realize that OIL is not the Way.  We in the U.S. and they elsewhere in the world need to remove ourselves and our oil corporations out of the Middle East.

    This is how the game of "say uncle" is played.  There can be no winning of such an asymmetric war.  The war hawks in Washington DC and the rogue politicians that support the corporate fascists in the government and the cultural Marxists in the mainstream media will try to convince you that we need to pour more trillions into a the U.S. military-industrial complex so "we can defeat this enemy of ISIS" -- but don't listen to them.  ISIS buys most of its weapons from these very same people -- the U.S. military-industrial complex.  So these people are actually traitors to country and Oath of Office.

    These are the rogues that want ISIS and all governments armed, but all concert, restaurant patrons and golfers dis-armed.  And they have done a good job over the past century for Europe is a disarmed, gun-free zone.  And don't you think the Islamic Union knows and laughs about this?  Of course they do.  Thus, of course they will bring Europe to its knees.  This is why we here in the U.S. have the Second Amendment and the Militia Clauses in the US Constitution: so we don't HAVE to be ignorant victims like they are in erstwhile King George's England.    

    Yes, gun-free Europe -- like government-run, U.S. public schools --  is totally dependent on their cops who always show up 20 minutes after everyone is dead.  The Founders of the U.S. Constitution knew there would be brainless, ignorant and naive people out there that would ignore the lessons of history, and this is why they acknowledged the right to "keep and bear arms" as "necessary" for a "free state."   

    Had any of those people in the Paris concert or the road side cafes been armed, they would have been able to have neutralized the terrorists attackers.  But no, Paris is a gun-free zone because "guns in the hands of regular citizens are dangerous."  People that advocate nonsense like this -- "gun free zones" -- are actually abettors of crime or terrorism and should be deemed enemies of Humanity.  Likewise, all of the Congressmen that passed any of the current gun laws on the books should be rounded up and prosecuted. These gun "laws" are null and void and totally illegal under the U.S. Constitution, the highest law in OUR union.               

    So in summary, the current killings in Paris -- and the future killings that are sure to follow there and here -- are all a direct result of the rogue politicians that have been allowed to invade the U.S. Government and use the resources of WE THE PEOPLE in order to further the interests of a small cabal of bankers and corporate fascists in their agenda of "globalization."

    The only way WE THE PEOPLE can "win" this war against the developing Islamic Union protected by the Islamic Diaspora is to totally disconnect from the Middle East.  This will involve the following:

    1)  Any and all gun-free zones in the U.S. should be declared illegal and the people and "officials" attempting to establish or enforce them prosecuted.

    2)  The billions that are being spent on weapons and war should be re-allocated into the development of PLASMA FUSION and SOLAR technology.  These two energy technologies will enable the world to generate unlimited amounts of safe, clean electrical and liquid fuels, thus replacing the use of oil and other fossil fuels for transportation and electricity completely.

    3)  With no need for oil, the U.S. -- and the rest of the world -- will be able to easily pull out of the Middle East and allow the people there to recover from their current losses, as well as the loss of their Library of Alexandria.  This means, with no financial or weapons support from the West, the Middle East and its "caliphate" will go back to being a desert with a major export of camel's milk. 

    4)  Europeans must overthrow their current governments if they insist on infringing on their citizens' inalienable right to "keep and bear arms." 

    This is the only way they will be able to survive the invasions of the war-torn Middle East created by the U.S. Empire and its Globalist Overlords.(2)

    5) American citizens must get rid of the rogue politicians that have taken over the Congress and the Presidency.  Common sense things like term limits, campaign finance reform and other legislation that allows corporate fascism to develop and grow must be accomplished. 

    6)  The illegal fiat-currency system must be ended by permitting gold and silver to circulate as legal tender.  The bankers and fiduciaries that have been responsible for the Federal Reserve System must be charged and brought to justice, just as Martha Stewart and the ENRON executives were charged and brought to justice.   

    7)  While the Islamic Diaspora is in operation the U.S. must close or carefully police its borders.  Donald Trump is probably the only President that will actually accomplish this vital feat.

    The way the current war with the Islamic Union will be won is to remove the reasons for the war.  More force will beget more force, so bombing and more war is not the answer.  More force is the "solution" inferior minds always use to "solve" conflicts.  This mentality has existed on this planet since the dawn of agriculture when homo sapiens sapiens stopped being foragers and "property rights" were established.  This lead to imbalances of ownership, resource access and monopolies as well as women as property and a truncation of their civil rights.  These abuses led to boarders, police powers and eventually the state itself: the paradigm of lethal force and what psychopathic minds consider the crowning jewel of civilization.

    Humanity can and will solve its problems using reason, intelligence and technology -- not state force or the extortion of "terrorists".  These three elements -- reason, intelligence and technology -- are what have separated us from the ravages of ignorance and greed in a wilderness universe.  They will continue to advance human civilization as we explore and colonize the Solar System and beyond.  So keep your eye on these goals, not a handful of apes still fighting in the bush, trying to create chaos.


    (1)  Atheism is just as much a religion as any other religion for the belief that there is NO Deity is just as much an act of faith as the believe that there IS a Deity.                 

    (2) See for more information on the Militia System


    ORIGINATED: 15 November 2015


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