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    Signs Of An Emerging Police State

    Published: Tuesday, June 6, 2006

    I was inspired (but not impressed with some of the language used) by a recent article written by Allan Uthman ( While Mr. Uthman and I doubtless come from very different perspectives, I would like to borrow some of his thoughts while adding my own to what both of us agree is an impending reality for the United States: an emerging police state. Under George W. Bush, America is fast following the footsteps of past totalitarian regimes. The signs are ubiquitous and unmistakable! Consider:

    1. The War On Terror

    As with the "war on drugs," President Bush's "war on terror" is the cornerstone doctrine which allows the executive branch of the federal government to run roughshod over the Constitution and individual liberty. Whenever anyone objects to the illegality or immorality of ever-meddling, ever-growing, ever-menacing federal encroachments upon our freedoms, Bush and his apologists have a ready-made response: "We are fighting a war on terrorism." Actually, what Mr. Bush is doing is fighting a war against the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence!

    2. The USA Patriot Act

    The grossly misnamed USA Patriot Act is the federal law which encapsulates the power-mad machinations of the Bush administration. For all intents and purposes, it gives to the executive branch of government dictatorial powers. The Patriot Act egregiously usurps the Constitution and Bill of Rights and has opened the legal floodgates for Orwell's Big Brother.

    I have copious information regarding the dangers of the Patriot Act on the following pages of my web site.

    3. The Construction Of Detention Camps Within The U.S.

    Several news sources (for one, see have reported on the fact that the Army Corps of Engineers has authorized some $400 million via the Bush administration's most-favored corporation, Halliburton, to construct detention centers in the United States. "For what purpose?" you ask. All the public has been told is that these detention centers are for "new programs." One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the only reason any government constructs detention centers is for the purpose of incarcerating large numbers of political dissenters and other "undesirables."

    4. Warrantless Wiretapping

    I have written previously on this subject. However, it still amazes me how so many professing Christians and conservatives can continue to ignore this ominous threat to our liberty! (See and

    5. Bush's Perpetual Use Of "Signing Statements"

    Mr. Uthman is right to call our attention to President Bush's propensity to use "signing statements" to nullify laws he doesn't like. In fact, G.W. Bush has issued more than 750 such statements, which is MORE THAN TWICE AS MANY AS ALL PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED! (

    For example, Bush's signing statement waives the law against torture. ( Another statement orders researchers to withhold any information from Congress that he determines could "impair foreign relations, national security, or the workings of the executive branch." Another one authorizes the president to tell the military it can use illegally gathered intelligence, including information obtained about Americans. The list goes on and on. (See

    Only the lack of space in this column constrains me from adding even more evidence that the Bush administration is very quickly turning our constitutional republic into a gargantuan police state! Obviously, Congress could do much to curtail this power-hungry president, but with the GOP in charge of the entire federal government, it has demonstrated absolutely no desire to do so.

    Then again, the American people could (and should) put such pressure upon their congressmen and senators that they would be compelled to act. But, alas, it appears obvious that the average American citizen is too busy watching American Idol to even notice that his once beloved nation is being stolen out from under him.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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