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    Black Regiment Directory Now Online

    Published: Friday, September 18, 2009

    I am pleased to announce that our initial "Black Regiment" directory is now online. We received more than 800 responses to my initial appeal back in July. See Obviously, we had to sift through all these recommendations and also contact each one individually in order to obtain their consent to be listed. The initial list is now up and can be seen here:

    For those who may not be aware of what I am talking about, the "Black Regiment" (also called the "Black-Robed Regiment") was a group of patriot-pastors in Colonial America who greatly assisted America's fight for freedom by courageously preaching the Biblical principles of liberty and independence from their pulpits. These were preachers from virtually every protestant denomination throughout the colonies. The moniker came from the tendency of these preachers to wear long, black robes in their pulpits.

    My attempt to identify modern-day preachers who will emulate our Christian forebears and once again "proclaim liberty throughout the land" stems from the numerous requests I have from people all over America desiring to locate such pastors. People across the country are desperate to find courageous men of God who are not afraid to preach the truth to power. Men who are not enamored with popularity or position. Men who are not trying to be politically correct or appeal to the wealthy and affluent. Men who love America's Christian history and heritage. Men who support and defend the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. Men who are willing to publicly condemn injustice, duplicity, and infidelity (to the Constitution and the American people) regardless of which political party or individual politician promotes it.

    Our "Black Regiment" list will allow Christians throughout the United States who understand what is going on to locate likeminded pastors and churches for the purpose of fellowship and worship. At this time, our list is rather small, but I am convinced it will quickly grow. We will also include a list of cities where people have told us they are looking for a "Black Regiment" preacher.

    If you are a pastor who wishes to be counted with the "Black Regiment" and do not see your name, please contact us, and we will add your name and church immediately. Be sure to send us the appropriate contact information. In addition, if you desire to find a "Black Regiment" pastor in your area, please let us know, and we will add that city to our "looking" list as well.

    Once again, to visit our "Black Regiment" directory, go to

    I welcome your feedback and trust you will help me spread the word. Without the leadership of America's pastors and preachers, our country is lost. I personally believe that the window of opportunity to turn America off its current course of self-destruction is very small. We must answer the clarion call NOW. Will you help me?

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