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    The Mark Of The Beast Runs Through The Church
    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column John Darby and Cyrus Scofield’s “Rapture” invention was concocted to usher in what is happening right now. The false, unscriptural Rapture doctrine that envelops the vast majority of evangelical churches made them easy prey for the hounds of hell that are now feasting upon them. Add to the phony Rapture theory the slavish misinterpretation of Romans 13 and you have the perfect one-two punch that has knocked out the evangelical church. On the whole, it lies unconscious on the mat. This powerful, righteous force of resistance against the demonic forces of...
    Published: Thursday, April 8, 2021 Read More

    The Defensive Firearm: An Absolute Necessity
    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column I have said repeatedly that it is a fundamental necessity that the American people keep and bear arms. And to “bear arms” means carrying a firearm with you wherever you go. America’s most recent mass shootings serve as additional exclamation points behind that statement. As an author, columnist, radio talk show host and pastor who is outspoken in my support of the Second Amendment, I often receive inquiries from people asking for my personal preferences regarding firearms. This column is devoted to answering some of those inquiries. I’m sure th...
    Published: Thursday, April 1, 2021 Read More

    Boulder Smells Like Another False Flag
    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column It didn’t take long. Only two months into gun-grabber Joe Biden’s term in office and there were two mass shootings. One took place in Atlanta, Georgia; the other took place in Boulder, Colorado. Think about it: Ever since the phony Covid pandemic began (over a year ago now), we didn’t experience a single mass shooting.  What happened? Were all of the crazies who kill people cured during the past year? Or were the swamp creatures in DC who mastermind these manufactured crises too focused on spreading fear and paranoia over the coronavirus that mass ...
    Published: Thursday, March 25, 2021 Read More

    Why I Will NOT Take The Covid Vaccine
    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column I continue to maintain that the Covid narrative is the biggest hoax in world history. I’ll say it straight out: Bill Gates, Anthony “Heil Hitler” Fauci, the CDC, WHO, the major medical industry, major pharmaceutical companies, the major media and the fear-mongering politicians in both major parties—as well as the cowardly statist pastors and churches who are embracing this phony narrative—are LYING to us about Covid. Why? They are ALL filled with a spirit of covetousness and are reaping huge financial rewards for their willingness to prostitute...
    Published: Thursday, March 18, 2021 Read More

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