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    Fauci And Birx: Lock Them Up!
    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx should be tried as criminal conspirators who willfully collaborated in a mass deception that shutdown the U.S. economy, stole over 35 million jobs from the American people, deceived physicians and the entire medical industry into lying about the true threat (or lack thereof) of corona and ultimately took (and are still taking) the lives of countless thousands of innocent Americans. These deaths are directly due to the denial of medical care for non-corona illnesses (including cancer and heart disease) and the fear imposed on people&mda...
    Published: Thursday, May 21, 2020 Read More

    Cops And Catholics Starting To Stand: Where Are The Evangelicals?
    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column One thing the faux corona pandemic has done is to separate lovers of liberty from slaves of the state. That divide is only going to widen. And, in reality, this has always been America’s battle. America was birthed not as a religious state or as a racial state or as a political state but as a free state. People often try to hide the great issue dividing us with the masks of race, religion and politics. But none of these is the real issue. There is only one battle going on in this country, and it’s the battle for Freedom. It was the Natural liberties procla...
    Published: Thursday, May 14, 2020 Read More

    Trump Fast-Tracking Forced Vaccinations
    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column Donald Trump is, once again, showing his true colors: He is in the process of fast-tracking forced vaccinations for the coronavirus. The narrative that corona poses a serious health risk to the vast majority of people under the age of 80 who have a normal, healthy immune system is a bald-faced lie. As a preacher, I’ll go so far as to say that it’s a lie from the pits of Hell. Many people in the medical and research industries are now coming forward with documentation to prove that the CDC/Fauci/Gates/White House/mainstream media narrative on corona is a to...
    Published: Thursday, May 7, 2020 Read More

    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column There are several events in modern U.S. history that must never be allowed to happen again. Never, as in EVER! I’m talking about false flag events that warmongering politicians have used to authorize U.S. military aggression and unjust war around the world and gross miscarriages of justice in violent despotic assaults against American citizens inside the United States. I’m talking about the fabricated Gulf of Tonkin incidents in 1964 that launched an illegal and indefensible war in Vietnam. I’m talking about the premeditated and unprovoked attac...
    Published: Thursday, April 30, 2020 Read More

    Corona Endgame: Forced Vaccinations And Total Control And Surveillance...
    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column Anyone who has bought into the hype that all of these government lockdowns, a ruined economy, suppression of our liberties and a total disruption of our way of life are for the purpose of saving lives has drunk some serious kool aid. We are supposed to believe that the same people who are enthusiastically promoting the killing of over 60 million unborn babies without so much as a modicum of conscience are somehow crying crocodile tears of compassion because people (including babies) MIGHT die from a flu-like virus? What poppycock!  As I pointed out in this colu...
    Published: Thursday, April 23, 2020 Read More

    Follow The Money
    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column By now, most thinking people realize that the numbers being circulated by the Medical/Pharmaceutical/Industrial Complex and their Big Government hacks in the media of people being infected and killed by the coronavirus are grossly exaggerated. Watch this medical doctor’s report. And also watch this medical doctor’s report. Now we learn that medical professionals, most of whom are employed by hospital monopolies, have a personally vested reason to participate in the dishonest practice of fudging corona numbers upward. States are being given governme...
    Published: Thursday, April 16, 2020 Read More

    “It’s Time For Resurrection!”
    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column This coming Lord’s Day is Resurrection Sunday, and the vast majority of America’s millions of Christians will celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the dead by either being locked out of their churches due to government-mandated lockdown orders or by staying home voluntarily in a state of fear.  This is the first time in America’s history when Christians have been commanded by government edict to close their churches on Easter Sunday—or to close their churches at all, for that matter. America’s churches stayed open through the R...
    Published: Thursday, April 9, 2020 Read More

    Now We Know How Germany Let It Happen
    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column For as long as I can remember, when freedom-loving Americans would gather in small groups to discuss world affairs, the question would come up, “How did the German people come to allow themselves to embrace totalitarianism the way they did?” Then, after a time of discussion about it, the group would always conclude by saying, “Thank God, this could never happen in America.”  As a small boy, I heard those discussions from my parents and their friends, who were part of “The Greatest Generation.” I heard it from my friends in college...
    Published: Thursday, April 2, 2020 Read More

    Give Me Liberty Or . . . Oh Never Mind
    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column Ironically, three days ago, March 23, was the 245th anniversary of Patrick Henry’s immortal “Give me liberty or give me death” speech. Without a doubt, this speech is regarded yet today as America’s most famous, most inspiring and most influential oratorical presentation. If there was any doubt that America was going to fight a war for independence from Great Britain, that speech shattered it.  Here are excerpts from that courageous and magnificent address: The question before the House is one of awful moment to this country. For my own pa...
    Published: Thursday, March 26, 2020 Read More

    A Contagion Of Fear
    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column Does anyone remember these words:  "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"? Those words are from President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s First Inaugural Address delivered on March 4, 1933. These words were spoken at the height of the Great Depression. My parents lived through the Great Depression (and two World Wars). I grew up listening to their experiences of living in the Depression. For poor people (which my parents were), the Depression was horrific. Today's Americans know nothing of suffering in the magnitude of that terrible period of...
    Published: Thursday, March 19, 2020 Read More

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