Chuck Baldwin (2021)
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    Dr. Baldwin Issues Special Retirement Account Alert:
    “Why Now Is The Best Time To Convert your IRA to
    Precious Metals!”  Here’s How… 

    Most of my readers, friends, and supporters are keenly aware of how volatile the U.S. economic system is today. America still has NOT recovered from the crash of 2008 and 2009. And just like at that time, today's stock market is experiencing another bubble that is destined to crash. This fiat currency, debt-driven economy simply cannot sustain itself indefinitely. I think all of us know this.

    After talking with my good friend Congressman Ron Paul some time ago, I converted my personal IRA into a precious metals-backed IRA. And the company I use is one of the finest precious metals companies in the country. They have been in business for over 40 years with a solid reputation and track record, offering the option of easy online ordering as well as the safe, secure storage of metals if needed.

    Whether you are looking to convert your traditional IRA to a precious metals-backed IRA or are simply wanting to purchase gold and silver coins, I urge you to contact these folks via the form below. My friend of many years is the National Sales Director. He is extremely friendly, helpful, and trustworthy. By submitting the form below, you will be sending Dave a message that you are interested in discussing your options relative to gold and silver. And when you submit the form below, Dave will also know that your friend Chuck Baldwin has recommended you.

    As you know, gold and silver have been the world's standard economic baseline for virtually all of mankind's existence. And right now several countries such as China are buying gold like there is no tomorrow. I wonder what they know that we don't? 

    I promise you that Dave will not try and pressure you into doing anything you don't want to do. He will simply answer your questions, help you determine whether adding precious metals to your financial portfolio is something you want to do, and will completely guide you through the process if you decide to proceed. Believe me, Dave will take the anxiety out of transferring your IRA or purchasing as few or as many gold and silver coins as you choose. 

    I urge you to contact Dave and see whether investing in precious metals is right for you.

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